eLearning Writing: 3 Courses To Help You Improve Your Writing Skills

eLearning Writing: 3 Courses To Help You Improve Your Writing Skills
Summary: Are you looking for new ways to engage your audience? Better eLearning writing might be your answer. Read on to learn how compelling content, storytelling, and localization can help you write better content that keeps your audience engaged.

3 Courses That Focus On eLearning Writing

At Elucidat, we’ve created a series of free Masterclass topics to help you improve your learning design skills. In this article, we’ll look at 3 courses that focus on eLearning writing.

1. How To Write Compelling Content That Informs, Enthuses, And Motivates

What difference do the words on the screen really make to the learning experience?

The tone of voice, sentence length and energy of your writing can make or break your connection with your audience.

Learners are busy people, so you need to focus on what’s important to them and talk in a way that is instantly engaging. In this course, we’ll show you how to write content that informs, enthuses and motivates.

Why take this course: 

  • Learn how to keep copy short and sharp.
  • Learn why it’s important to speak to people like humans.
  • Discover two examples of great-looking copy.

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2. How To Use Storytelling To Make Your Content More Memorable And Effective

Storytelling isn’t just for children. Incorporating stories into your learning content can make it more memorable and more effective.

Unfortunately, lots of Learning and Development teams produce content that’s just-in-case (or “push”) learning. Because this isn’t driven by an immediate need of the individual, it’s much harder to engage learners. You need to provide affective context – and that is where storytelling comes in.

Why take this course:

  • Learn what makes a great story (it’s more than just a good beginning, middle and end!).
  • Get practical tips and strategies that will help you apply storytelling to your eLearning content.
  • Draw inspiration from four examples of best-in-class storytelling in learning.

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3. How To Write For A Global Audience With Translation And Localization

When writing for a global audience, translation is the relatively simple part. Localization is what can really ensure your content is relevant and impactful across regions and cultures.

Before starting a project, think about the people who’ll use your content. Are they all based in the same office, company and country – and with the same first language? If not, the content might need adapting for certain audience groups.

Whatever language(s) you choose to release your content in, making sure the content itself is tailored to different audience groups is key.

Why take this course:

  • Translation isn’t always the best approach: Learn when (and when not) to translate.
  • Learn the most effective strategies to localize your course.
  • Discover and learn from two real-world examples of translation and localization (one good, one bad).

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About Our Courses And Learning Design Experts

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