4 Reasons To Use A NextGen LMS For Employee Compliance Training
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Why You Should Use A NextGen LMS For Employee Compliance Training

NextGen LMSs are designed with the user in mind. By focusing on User Experience, they can transform your employee compliance training, providing solutions that are both engaging and more efficient for your employees. Take a look at the points below to understand just some of the ways a NextGen LMS can support your organisation’s employee compliance training.

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1. They’re Built For Today’s Workforce

Technology is becoming more prevalent in the workplace, and more employees are turning to their devices in search of the answers they need. L&D runs the risk of falling behind if it continues to focus on traditional methods such as courses or classroom learning, as the modern learner expects answers at their points of need. Spending chunks of time away from their desks or waiting for training sessions is no longer an option.

Having on-demand resources on your NextGen LMS provides information that can be accessed on the go and is personal and relevant to your employees. This is especially useful for employee compliance training, as more focused and easily-accessible training results in higher engagement, quicker knowledge acquisition, and higher performance, minimising the chances of risk or compliance breaches.

The risks associated with employees not keeping up to date with rules and regulations is huge for an organisation. Since a NextGen LMS is user-friendly as well as easy to administrate, you have the confidence in knowing that your resources are providing the right need-to-know information, as well as engaging your staff to ensure this information is retained.

2. They Save Time And Money

NextGen LMSs are accessible on demand and on a range of devices, meaning your compliance training is not bound to a desk or classroom and can instead be accessed worldwide. This saves the organisation money by cutting out the transportation costs, paperwork, instructor costs, and time out of the working day for employees to travel or be far away to ‘learn’.

By offering context-rich digital resources that can be accessed anywhere, any time, your employees aren’t limited to when and where they can learn. Think about the kinds of compliance information your employees would benefit from accessing. Generic off-the-shelf content has been proven to be far less effective and engaging than context-driven digital resources. You can use your NextGen LMS to easily deliver interesting and effective compliance training resources to specific audiences, whilst ensuring they’re relevant and easy to access.

3. They Make It Easy To Create And Update Content

Creating learning content is often seen as time-consuming and difficult to do. However, digital resources make it easier than ever to create useful content that addresses your employees’ real-time challenges. NextGen LMSs help everyone within the organisation to remain up to date and be given the correct information.

This is especially important with employee compliance training, since out-of-date information can result in breaches or unnecessary risks. As your practices and policies change, so can your resources.

4. They’re Data Driven

NextGen LMSs are driven by data, so L&D teams can easily measure the success of their compliance training by tracking performance and engagement. By data, we don’t mean the standard reporting tools that most regular LMSs offer. Reporting on a NextGen platform should be actionable. It should relate directly to your objectives and give clarity, not just graphs. It helps L&D teams to constantly improve and deliver the best possible compliance training to ensure your staff is up to date quickly and efficiently.

Having your reports available in one central place will also greatly free up the amount of admin time L&D teams spend having to manually test and generate reports. It gives you peace of mind in knowing that no valuable compliance data will be lost and instead the organisation can focus on using these insights to continuously improving the training materials.

As you can see, there are many reasons to use a NextGen LMS for your employee compliance training. Compliance doesn’t have to be boring and generic. Adopt a new approach and focus your efforts on personalising the experience and achieving higher engagement and better performance.

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