eBook Release: Establishing A Learner-First Training Model

Establishing A Learner-first Training Model: Learn How To Build Training Around Your Learners For A Healthier, Happier, Smarter Workplace
Summary: Always focusing on the learner is the first priority and what makes a learner-first training approach so effective. If the learner is at the core of your company's learning goals, it makes total sense to build a training around their learning pathways; from the tools they use, to the design of the training itself.

Establishing A Learner-First Training Model: Learn How To Build Training Around Your Learners For A Healthier, Happier, Smarter Workplace

If what we are saying is true, then why do trainers generally not execute it? If HR managers, training coordinators, sales directors, and business owners understand the value they are generating by investing in their learners, then why not center everything around the learners. Firstly, it's essential to ascertain the importance of adopting your strategy to the learner. As with establishing any goal, it's vital to ask yourself some excellent questions. To help determine the underlying purpose of the task or strategy which lies ahead of you. Not only to manage it but to clarify for yourself if you are asking the right questions. If the 'Why' isn't clear, it will become evident in the final result.

eBook Release: Establishing A Learner-First Training Model
eBook Release
Establishing A Learner-First Training Model
This book aims to put the framework in place that Coassemble developed and refined over the years, providing a step by step guide to implementing your own learner-first training model.

About The eBook: It’s Smart To be SMART

By starting to ask yourself why the learner needs to learn, what they need to learn and how they can best learn, you are facilitating your training process with a comprehensive understanding of your learner. Secondly, you will be able to adjust your training structure accordingly, after which tools and content will flow seamlessly. What makes this eBook Establishing A Learner-First Training Model so valuable is the way it is constructed. It makes a full circle covering, according to Coassemble, all the necessary stages which enable you to create an almost perfect learner-first training approach.

It starts with the chapter ‘Evaluate’ where they emphasize the importance of creating ‘learner personas', and how establishing all the demographics of your learners will help you understand the best methods for training that candidate, their reasons for learning, as well as how you can maximize their engagement. They even offer a learner persona template. From the demographics, you can start expressing learner goals, which are adapted to the details which you have gathered shortly before. Start by asking yourself: "What do my learners need to learn?” After which you can proceed to discover what learners already know and specify which knowledge you as a trainer need to share.

Taking The Next Step

It's the perfect setup for the next step where you conclude which layout and which tools you will be facilitating to optimize the learning process of your learners. Here you can then structure new learner pathways by discovering what the fallacies are and which gaps you need to fill.

Evaluate which tools you currently have access to and which you have in-house. You might have more tools than you are aware of. A different kind of LMS may be a better tool than the one you are currently running. The chances are that you often have more tools at your disposal than you think. It's a real art combining them and tying them together where several tools compliment each other in functionality. Think survey softwares, video hosting platforms and document storage systems. There is no limit to the possibilities.

Another absolutely valuable aspect about the eBook is that they safeguard their own process by doing a ‘Recap' halfway by pointing out that you need to check whether you really know your learners, as well as which knowledge you need to share, helping you plot every step in their learning journey. The functionality of the tools you can use is crystal clear.

The eBook Establishing A Learner-First Training Model rolls out to elaborately cover the topic of Design and the testing phase of what you have created up until now. During the testing phase, the trainers decide on their hypothesis and define a measurable metric for success. Furthermore, they gather a representative group (based on previously assembled learner personas) and then start testing to prove or disprove the hypothesis. Eventually they ensure data is correct and reliable, ready for wider dissemination of training. Which magically brings us to the next topic: 'Dissemination.' The dissemination stage is all about rolling out your training to your learners and scaling that training over time. Where you automate as much of your process as possible to be able to scale in the first place and where you learn that data clarity is a vital element of the entire process. The data needs to be watertight for you to be able to truly scale training.

Putting It All Together

As this eBook starts with 'Evaluate,' as promised, it goes full circle by ending with a process of evaluation too. Evaluation is a critical stage in any training process. It is highly unlikely that you know whether your training has been a success if you don't establish a distinct and actionable evaluation. If you are not evaluating, it sets you back in several ways. You won't be enabled to improve future training, nor will you be able to explain the essence and quality of your training. As with any process, it's not only insightful but also indispensable to reflect upon very effective points as well as points of failure in your training which could use or may even desperately need improvement. Sure it requires lots of patience to work your way through the whole process. But the reward is sublime: optimizing the learner experience from start to finish. In any case, the eBook Establishing A Learner-First Training Model will grant tremendous insight into necessary strategy changes and further implementations. What better way to work than by understanding the whole process, comprehensively engaging with your strategy and being able to justify it to your business. All while focussing on the core of the entire method. The learners.

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