How Using An Extended Enterprise LMS Can Help You Grow Your Business
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Helping Your Business Grow By Using An Extended Enterprise LMS

In today's highly connected and technological world, there's plenty of opportunities to grow your business beyond the limits that traditional methods would have you. One of the newest ways to take your business to greater heights is using an extended enterprise LMS such as Dokeos LMS. Through this, you can increase your business' profit, enhance partner productivity, and gain customer loyalty.

Extended enterprise lets you go beyond your own work and employees as you get you involve your customers, sales representatives, franchisees, distribution partners, and suppliers. Instead of training your employees alone, which is what many businesses have been doing for years, you get to include customers, partners, and suppliers. In short, they become an extension of your business by training them.

To help make this possible you can use a Learning Management System, which is a very effective tool for making other stakeholders contribute and become a part of your business' success. Each link in the chain depend on others, which make the extended enterprise an effective addition to your business.

2 Key Advantages Of Extended Enterprise 

1. Increased Profit.

Product and service sales increase as a result of customers who are educated and well-informed about your offering

2. Reduced Training Costs.

Investing in educational assets that's easily accessible to partners and customers frees up your time allowing you to do other important business tasks

4 Main Pillars Of Training 

Before you begin to invest extended enterprise, you must know the 4 main pillars of training. This will allow you to enjoy its key advantages.

1. Product Knowledge.

Enhance brand awareness and educate your customers on how they can best utilize your product offering. Customers who are knowledgeable of your offering are more likely to purchase or hire more than just one product or service. Knowledge of your offering is also easier to transmit to other potential customers, thus saving you time from answering questions.

2. Incentives For Partners.

Incentives can motivate your distribution partners and sales representatives to sell your products for you. This increases sales as it opens your business to a network beyond your own, but also of those people that you work with.

3. Brand Loyalty.

Investing time educating your customers and partners show that you care about them. This makes customers more loyal to your brand, and turns you into an attractive venture to other potential partners. They can become ambassadors to your brand which essentially means you get to enjoy one of the most effective forms of marketing: Word-of-mouth marketing

4. Compliance And Managing Risks.

With eLearning modules on compliance, you can ensure that your franchisees are complying with the proper rules and procedures of your business. No need for quarterly seminars or follow ups when all the information about your standard business operation rules are in one training system.

Final Thoughts

With the help of collaborative social networking tools such as wikis blogs and forums, and online certification programs, you promote continuous learning and engagement among your stakeholders. It goes beyond the regular business transactions such as purchasing, ordering, signing contracts, or conducting training. Having an extended enterprise for your business allows you to build and deepen relationships with people who play a part in the success of your organization. To learn more about how to create eLearning modules for extended enterprise, click here.

Dokeos is one of the best Learning Management System tools that you can use to get your customers, partners, and suppliers on board with your business. Learn how you can engage and educate stakeholders using Dokeos with our free trial.