eBook Release: How To Create And Deliver Personalized Learning For The Modern Workplace

Summary: If you want to learn how to create learning that delivers personalized, adaptive content that will make modern learners want to come back for more, than the eBook How To Create And Deliver Personalized Learning For The Modern Workplace is for you.

How To Create And Deliver Personalized Learning For The Modern Workplace

In an age of information overload, content that is relevant to individuals and useful at the point of need is more important than ever.

With this in mind, there’s been a huge shift to smaller, bite-size packages of learning content. Often known as resources not courses, this trend is ushering in an era where teams want needs-specific pieces of content that can be accessed via mobile devices.

After all, as humans we’re naturally needs-based. We have a need, we search for an answer, and we fix the problem. We expected targeted content, news, and products that we’re interested in. Learning is no different. The learning content you deliver needs to be personal; it needs to appeal the learner’s individual needs, interests, and learning style.

This eBook on personalized learning gives you some simple ideas to help you deliver relevant, personalized learning. It also shows you how leading organizations are increasing learner satisfaction by using rules and links, surveys, and data to personalize their content.

Who Is This eBook For?

How To Create And Deliver Personalized Learning should be read by:

  • Training and Content Providers that want to increase customer satisfaction and improve the content they sell to customers.
  • Learning and Development managers who want to improve the learning content they deliver to employees.
  • Professional Bodies and Education teams who are under pressure to create engaging, high-quality content that their members and students want to consume.

About The eBook

To help you get the most out of this eBook, the Elucidat team has organized it into 3 main sections:

  • Why personalized learning is important.
    This chapter explores why personalized learning is the future of eLearning. Modern learners no longer want standardized content; they want useful learning that meets their needs.
  • 5 personalized strategies you can implement today.
    Learn how surveys can help you deliver targeted content, and learn how rules/links can help you filter content based on individual learner needs. Plus more!
  • Tools and examples to help you create personalized learning.
    This chapter shares real world examples to show you how these strategies have been implemented by other training providers and learning teams. We review the tools you need to create and deliver personalized learning.

Are you ready to create and deliver personalized learning? Get the guide from Elucidat today!