eBook Release: How Gamification Reshapes Learning

How Gamification Reshapes Learning
Summary: The Learning Professionals' Gamification eBook. Would you be interested in the Most Effective Uses of Gamification in Learning? In the How Gamification Reshapes Learning ebook you will find useful Gamification Tips provided by 23 Gamification professionals.

The Learning Professionals' Gamification eBook

Dedicated Learning Professionals and Educators across the globe were, until recently, desperately seeking for ways, methods, and techniques to engage employees and students in the learning process. Surprisingly enough, no one would think that games was the answer. After all, games tend to increase learners’ natural desire for competition, goal achievement, and genuine self-expression, while they also promote interactivity, have rules, a quantifiable outcome, and can be colorful, appealing, and extremely realistic.

Enter Gamification

Gamification is the use of game thinking and mechanics in a non-game context to inspire employees and students to get engaged in the learning process. The word itself was launched in 2002 by Nick Pelling, a British IT expert, but wasn’t widely used until 2010. Based on extended research conducted by numerous educational institutions, what makes games effective for learning is the learners’ level of activity, motivation, interactivity and engagement. This increases their fluid and crystallized intelligence, something that by definition optimizes learning.

The Most Effective Uses of Gamification in Learning!

In this How Gamification Reshapes Learning ebook you will find useful information about Gamification, its applications, and its impact on the reshaping of learning, provided by 23 Gamification professionals. They were all carefully selected based on their specialized knowledge on Gamification, education and business, as well as their innovative projects in this field. These Gamification experts share their wisdom and provide tips on the effective use of Gamification in the learning process. Enjoy reading the 2nd of our recently launched eLearning eBooks series - How Gamification Reshapes Learning* - and feel free to contact our top-notch Gamification professionals for more information.

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