Adaptive Learning Demystified

by SAP Litmos

Adaptive learning acknowledges that learners come with different goals, strengths, gaps, and preferences. It’s a shift away from the one-size-fits-all approach, using technology and learner data to serve up personalized learning experiences.

Key Chapters

  1. The Value Of Adaptive Learning

    Adaptive learning offers huge potential for reshaping organizational learning. But what is it, and what value does it offer to organizations?

  2. What Is Adaptive Learning?

    Adaptive learning provides individualized learning programs by using technology to gather data from the user during the learning process.

  3. The Next Chapter In eLearning

    The success of adaptive learning lies in its core characteristics, which make it distinct from more traditional online learning experiences.

  4. Flexible, Online Learning

    Adaptive learning works best when optimized for how we live, work, and learn in the modern world.

  5. Adaptive Learning For Modern Workers

    In today’s work climate, it’s hardly reasonable to expect a group of workers to access training at the same place, at the same time, and about the same topic.

  6. Benefits Of Adaptive Learning

    Research into the use of adaptive learning in tertiary education is showing promising results for achievement levels and learner engagement.

Pushing out the same learning content in a predictable pattern to all employees is no longer good business. Adaptive learning is an effective approach to keep pace with this change.

I really enjoyed reading Adaptive Learning Demystified. This eBook is very easy to read and suitable for everyone who is just being acquainted with the notion of adaptive learning. If you are not sure yet about how adaptive learning can help with your L&D scheme, this eBook will change your mind.

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