How To Alleviate Your Customer Service Team's Top 5 Complaints About Training

by SAP Litmos

This eBook addresses common complaints heard from customer service professionals, regarding their resistance to training. It advises on how to overcome these resistances, get your team to engage in learning, and even convince them to like it!

Key Chapters

  1. Complaint 1: I'm Easily Distracted And I Don't Have Time

    People who switch from one task to another tend to lose time as their brain switches from one set of tasks to another.

  2. Complaint 2: What's In It For Me?

    Not everyone on your team is going to be excited about taking training.

  3. Complaint 3: I Thought I Was Doing Ok

    A representative might not know that they hadn’t been meeting objectives until one day, they get a tap on the shoulder (or an email) and are asked to report to the manager’s office.

  4. Complaint 4: I Have To Be Nice To Customers, Too?

    It’s possible to offer a comprehensive training program but still neglect an important area of your customer service training.

  5. Complaint 5: It's Only My Second Week At This Job

    Even though the newbies successfully completed onboarding training, that’s often not enough to prepare them for the real demands of customers.

Your customer service representatives need to know everything there is to know about your product, they should represent your organization’s values and culture, and they need to be able to calmly and politely handle some of your most stressed out, unhappy customers. Shouldn't you be focused on giving them the best training possible?

This eBook manages to target 5 of the biggest problems in customer service teams' training, analyze them and offer solutions that are practical and efficient.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry Inc.