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Aligning L&D With The Business To Drive Performance


Aligning L&D With The Business To Drive Performance

by Looop / Published: Jan 09 2020

What it's about

This eBook examines how end-user problems haven’t been solved with existing learning tech, and why engagement is still elusive. It outlines how L&D can start focusing on business outcomes.

Key chapters

  • Foreword by David James

    A perfect storm.
  • Introduction

    L&D is at a point of inflection.
  • Key Challenges Facing L&D Today

    We aren't measuring what matters.
  • The Trick To Engagement?

    No tricks. Start selling value.
  • Evolving L&D

    Moving from ‘tech-enabled’ to digital.
  • It’s Time For Something Different

    It’s time for L&D to get results.
  • Invest In Your Digital Capability

    Solve real problems at the speed of business.

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