The Empowered Learner

by Looop

This White Paper examines today’s empowered learners – their motivations, habits and preferences – and what L&D can do to increase learner engagement towards organisational capability and improved business performance.

Key Chapters

  1. Executive Summary

    Employees today are turning to search engines for information and know-how, often in their moments of need and without them leaving their workflow.

  2. The Empowered Learner

    Hyperconnected & self-directed.

  3. The Modern Learning Environment

    From ‘push’ to ‘pull’.

  4. The Modern L&D Function

    From courses to resources.

  5. Conclusion

    Steps forward to reaching the empowered learner.

Workers invest more than 14 hours a month, on average, learning on their own, but just two to three hours on employer-provided training.

The progress of technology in our times has changed dramatically so many fields of science. Education could not be a different case, and no one can deny that the power is in the hands of the learner, as this eBook from Looop highlights. This reading, focusing on the modern L&D function and learning environment, especially in workplaces, gives you a different look on how the instant knowledge gained by technology is changing everything throughout a Learning and Development Department.

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