Impactful New Manager Training Using A NextGen LMS: A Complete Guide For L&D Professionals

by Looop

Training new managers has always been important, but the workplace has transformed rapidly since the rise in digital and therefore it’s important to ensure your organisation can keep up. This eBook looks at the importance of technology in the modern workplace and how to use digital resources to inform, equip and inspire new managers to really make an impact in your organisation.

Key Chapters

  1. The Importance of New Manager Training in the Modern Workplace

  2. How a NextGen LMS can Impact your New Manager Training

  3. 4 Growing New Manager Training Trends Every L&D Professional Should Know in 2019

  4. 4 New Manager Training Facts You Didn’t Know as L&D Professional

  5. 3 Essential Topics to Include in your Manager Training Programme

  6. 4 LMS Features that will help you Master New Manager Training

  7. How to Monitor New Manager Training through Advanced Learning Analytics

  8. 5 Criteria For Choosing the Right LMS For New Manager Training

Management skills are fundamental to the performance and growth of a business. Good leaders will guide their teams to achieve higher performance, better productivity, and improved morale, so training your managers in the right way is essential.

Breaking from tradition can be hard. Especially when that tradition has worked well for you in the past. But don't forget that due to rapid digital transformation it is essential to change, along with that development. Making sure that, in the case of training new managers, you are using the freshest of tools, that answers are instant and that workflow learning is at a technological peak within the company. Now put what you can only imagine into practice with Looops' eBook. Thank me later.

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Christopher Pappas
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