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Building A Data-Driven Learning Organization


Building A Data-Driven Learning Organization

by Kineo / Published: Aug 04 2022

What it's about

Today it's data that drives most business decisions, but many L&D teams struggle to launch and sustain worthwhile data analytics programs. This guide will help you set the foundation for a learning analytics program in your organization.

Key chapters

  • Data, Data, Everywhere

    The days when the person with the most experience in the room made the big decisions are gone. Today it’s data, and not instinct, that drives most business decisions.
  • The Credibility Gap

    L&D suffers from a crisis of credibility. Often, function heads and company executives perceive formal learning in the organization as either a necessary evil or a distraction from work. So what can be done to bridge the gap?
  • The Building Blocks for a Data-Driven Learning Organization

    The best learning analytics programs have intentional measurement strategies. So as part of planning any program, there are three questions you need to answer.
  • Focus on Data that Improves Outcomes

    While it’s now possible to collect data on just about anything in learning, it’s far from best practice to collect data on everything. An integral part of your planning process is to articulate what decisions you plan to make through the lens of learning analytics and to capture data that facilitates these decisions.
  • Ready to Get Started?

    It’s no small task to launch a learning analytics program. So before you get started, here are three things to remember.

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