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The Concept of Organizational Maturity: How To Achieve An Agile Innovation Culture Through A Learning Maturity Model


The Concept of Organizational Maturity: How To Achieve An Agile Innovation Culture Through A Learning Maturity Model

by Kineo / Published: Apr 27 2021

What it's about

Every organization has a learning culture - but what's yours? We ask what's driving organizations to accelerate toward a greater level of learning maturity, and show how you can transition from one stage to the next.

Key chapters

  • The Building Blocks of Business Maturity

    Every organization has a culture, and included in that culture is a set of assumptions and practices around learning — the organization’s learning culture.
  • What’s the Maturity Level of Your Business? How to find your Archetype

    Let's look at the 4 levels of maturity to find out where your business stands.
  • Determining an organization’s learning maturity level

    Where each organization lands on the continuum is determined by a host of factors, from training purpose to ultimate goals. We also explore how mature organisations make learning technology the core of their business transformation strategy.
  • Tap into Workforce Trends: Driving Maturity

    Trends in culture, technology, and social norms ultimately find their way into the workplace, which is, after all, where most people spend the majority of their waking hours.
  • Levelling Up: How to reach The Next Learning Maturity Stage

    The forces of change in business and work may be pushing many organizations to transition into digital learning more quickly than they had anticipated. However, this acceleration presents opportunities to develop employees, shape future leaders, and meet the demands of changing markets. This chapter also delves into the people, processes, and technologies that define learning maturity.
  • From Chalk & Talk to Brilliant Basics with blended learning

    This case study shows how Baptist Care used blended learning to streamline and standardize training across their 160 facilities.
  • From Brilliant Basics to Investors in People with personalization

    A real world example of how organisations at the Brilliant Basics stage of learning maturity may transition to the next level with the goal of providing an improved learner experience.
  • The elusive Future Gazers level of learning maturity

    The learning maturity journey focuses on long-term success. We explore how the elusive Future Gazers level of learning maturity are championed by L&D leaders who constantly pursue cutting-edge ideas and an agile learning culture.

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