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How Custom Learning Experiences Help Build A Continuous Improvement Culture


How Custom Learning Experiences Help Build A Continuous Improvement Culture

by Kineo / Published: Dec 03 2020

What it's about

The idea behind continuous improvement sits at the heart of almost every business improvement model. In this eBook, we explore how it is ultimately tied to learning—and how a great approach and custom learning experiences can help develop and support those goals.

Key chapters

  • What Is Continuous Improvement (And How To Include It In Your Company Culture)

    The idea behind continuous improvement is found in almost every business improvement model. Whether that’s Six Sigma, Lean, or many other approaches organizations have utilised to get better at what they do. It’s the idea of making small changes—to process, product, services, and learning—that add up to larger positive changes on the whole.
  • Why Is Continuous Improvement Important? 3 Factors That Affect Employee Development

    In this chapter, discover the importance of continuous improvement by exploring employee development factors.
  • 6 Steps To Mapping The Learning Journey By Putting Skills Gaps And Employee Needs First

    Learner journey or experience mapping is all about moving the focus of training from an Instructional Design to an experiential perspective for the learner. It maps learner experiences through various stages of progression, from building awareness of learning needs, to consuming learning and applying it on the job.
  • How To Redefine Your Performance Management Process In A Changing Workforce

    The shifting workplace environment has disrupted many things about the way an organization operates but has had a particular impact on L&D departments on performance management processes and understanding skills gaps in the organization.
  • What Is SEL? 3 Ways Social And Emotional Learning Influences Employee Behaviors

    Social and Emotional Learning is a core part of how we develop as humans. It’s the process through which we acquire and apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes. It’s how we drive towards our goals and make decisions. In the context of workplace learning, it means creating environments of trust, meaningful programs of instruction and learning, and ongoing evaluation and improvement.
  • Supercharging Employee Training With A Personalized Learning Platform

    Modern expectations for digital content are high—it needs to be relevant, meaningful, timely, and ultimately useful, fitting into a point of need right there and then. Content that delivers on these points with well-honed UX design, will do well in the learning marketplace, and go viral amongst social networks.
  • The Pick And Mix Approach: 6 Ways Custom Training Solutions Solve L&D Challenges

    Custom training solutions can definitely make a difference in solving Learning and Development issues that may arise. Explore what the pick and mix approach has to offer in the final part of the eBook.

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