Ensure Your Team Has The Knowledge And Skills To Succeed

by Association for Talent Development

More than 3,000 professionals participated in research that identified the 23 capabilities needed for success in talent development. Read this guide to learn about these capabilities and how to make sure your team has the skills to succeed and expand their practical knowledge base.

Key Chapters

  1. Industry Research

    Delve into industry research to explore the latest TD trends and improve your employee development strategy.

  2. Talent Development Capability Model

    What should talent development professionals know and do to be successful? This section showcases the Capability Model in action.

  3. Certifications Validate Employee Expertise, Capability, and Credibility

    Learn how to support your team with certifications based on insider know-how and core competencies.

The talent development profession is adapting to disruptions in the global marketplace. It has never been more critical for professionals in this field to become key partners with organizations to ensure that their workforce is prepared for the future.

This guide highlights the importance of TD professionals partnering up with organizations to cultivate internal talent. You'll also learn strategies and trends to adapt to emerging challenges that are backed by in-depth research.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.