Power Employee Onboarding Using A Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

by Learning Pool

Bringing the onboarding process into the 21st century with AI-driven LXP technology.

Key Chapters

  1. Foreword By John Helmer

  2. The Challenge Of Onboarding

  3. Toward A Modern Onboarding Process

  4. Using An LXP To Power The Onboarding Process

  5. Conclusions

  6. Sources

It has been estimated that a good onboarding experience will lead to roughly 70% of employees staying with an organization for three years.

The need for successful onboarding of new hires is critical for any organization. As employee onboarding is essential for future performance, the question is: How should you approach your new hires' online training? Learning Pool explains in great detail how to accomplish this by using an LXP in their resourceful eBook.

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