8 Tips For Boosting Your eLearning With Performance Consulting

by AllenComm

To transform your organization’s people and processes and drive both engagement and employee performance, it is vital to build a culture of learning. Discover Instructional Design and training delivery best practices from experienced performance consultants.

Key Chapters

  1. Create A Virtual Learning Culture As Part Of Your Organization's Brand

    With our economy quickly accelerating into a virtual environment, creating a learning culture as part of your organization’s brand has never been more important.

  2. Employee Performance Evaluation: Why Learning Must Meet Performance Metrics

    It's not realistic to always measure the impact of training for a Return On Investment. In this chapter discover all that employee performance evaluation entails.

  3. Blended Vs. Hybrid Learning: The Importance Of Training Content For The Growth Of Employees

    Blended learning and hybrid learning are very easy to mix up, but each is tied to a very different set of implications. Learn their differences in this chapter!

  4. Custom eLearning: Personalization With Diagnostics

    With the increasing demand for highly personalized eLearning, the need for a custom approach to training design strategy has never been more important.

  5. Microlearning As A Training Modality: Strategy And Tactics

    What is microlearning? Why is it useful? Microlearning is more than a simple bite-sized training modality. It is focused and offers just the right amount of information necessary to help a learner achieve a specific, actionable objective.

  6. Increase Employee Performance With A Learning Ecosystem: Easy Access Training Delivery Methods

    It’s time to consider how your training delivery enables or hinders learning. This is the learning ecosystem; all the factors that facilitate your employees’ ability to learn.

  7. Reaping The Benefits Of Performance Consulting: A Case Study

    Taking a more personal look at how performance consulting can help to architect a just-right learning culture.

  8. Strategies For Custom eLearning Development To Optimize Your Employee Training Plan

    As business processes transform and become more unique, businesses increasingly look to custom eLearning development as a solution for their employee training strategy. However, finding the right training plan that creates real business transformation can be difficult.

Beyond simply engaging in training, a systematic approach to learning culture creates a cohesive learning ecosystem.

Performance consulting is essential nowadays in order to achieve all your business goals and thrive! In this amazing eBook, you will discover all the necessary tools to boost your eLearning, stress-free and effectively.

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