8 Ways to Make Your Learners Fall in Love

And guess what? We'll be focusing on compliance. Ok. No wait. Don't walk away just yet, baby.Yeah, we know that compliance is the bad boy of elearning. It's got a bad reputation and for good reasons. Lovers and learners are tired of boring, irrelevant content. They're tired of crying themselves to sleep thinking about the hours of compliance training they'll have to endure in the morning. They're tired of compliance programs that take and take and give them nothing in return. They've seen time and time again that "compliance" is strictly a "taker" and not interested in reciprocation. Frankly, it's created a lot of very unhappy relationships. We want to help you change that. Think couples counseling for compliance learning and elearners. And without all that, well....awkward stuff.We'll be discussing common challenges, how to engage learners with design and content and how to create a successful follow-up campaign focused on lasting behavior change. Presenter: Cammy Bean, VP Learning Design, Kineo (US).For additional questions, please email sabrina.leis@kineo.com.This webinar is free of charge, but spaces are limited.

Register today: http://www.kineo.com/about-us/events/8-ways-to-make-your-learners-fall-in-love-with-your-elearning