How To Get Involved In the e-Learning Community

How To Get Involved In the e-Learning Community
Summary: The e-Learning Community is a great place to learn from e-Learning experts and users. Get involved in the e-Learning community today with these 5 tips.

The e-Learning community is an awesome place to be. It’s where you’ll find passionate e-Learning developers, training leaders and industry thought leaders, all sharing what they’re learning with each other. And since e-Learning should be personal, interactive and engaging, why not get involved with this growing community?

Here are 5 ways to get involved in the e-Learning community:

  1. Make the most of Twitter.
    Twitter is a great place to follow e-Learning professionals to find articles, news and more. A few good accounts to follow are @eLearnIndustry, @eLearningFeeds@eLearningGuild, @eLearningBros and @Lectora. You can also join Twitter chats like #lrnchat or #GuildChat, using the hashtag to discuss e-Learning and training ideas. Twitter chats are also great opportunities to look for new accounts to follow.
  2. Start a blog.
    Do you have timesaving development tips that the e-Learning community could benefit from? Or maybe you have a strong instructional design background and you want to write about your thoughts on learning strategies. Start a blog to share your tips, strategies and knowledge. Then, you can tweet the links to each new post with that Twitter account you created. Check out these examples to get inspiration: Top eLearning BlogsThe eLearning Coach, Cathy Moore Blog and Learnlets by Clark Quinn.
  3. Join a user group.
    An e-Learning user group can give you a look at how people are using training in different industries. Look for a user group for your specific authoring tool or region. Many of these groups have meetings online or forums where you can post questions and get feedback. For example, the New England Lectora Users Group has regular scheduled meetings for Lectora® users who work in the greater New England area.
  4. Sign up for some webinars.
    The eLearning Guild, Training Magazine Network and Trivantis all host e-Learning and training webinars that you can attend to hear industry experts teach strategies and discuss the latest training topics. In order to design the best online training, you should always keep learning. Signing up for an hour-long webinar once a week will keep you up-to-date on current trends and knowledge in the e-Learning industry. In addition, check eLearning Events to find the best collection of upcoming eLearning Conferences, Events, Workshops, Seminars, Congresses, Symposiums, and Webinars on a daily basis based on the Top eLearning Event Organizers.
  5. Attend a conference.
    Since a lot of your work as an e-Learning developer is done at your computer, it’s helpful to get face-to-face with other developers—like at a conference. It’s also a great way to get inspired by what other e-Learning teams and training departments are doing. For example, Lectora users have an annual conference where they share tips, development strategies, successful e-Learning projects and more. This year, they’ll be networking April 29 – 30 in Nashville, Tennessee, at the LUC 2015.

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