5 Strong Features Of The Gomo eLearning Authoring Tool

5 Strong Features Of The Gomo eLearning Authoring Tool
Summary: This article is about all-in-one gomo eLearning authoring tool, and its many benefits, including cloud-based storage, responsive and adaptive HTML5 multi-device capabilities, and powerful built-in learning analytics.

Knowing The Strength Of The Gomo eLearning Authoring Tool

Gomo is an authoring tool that enables organizations to create their own tailor-made eLearning courses exactly the way they like, to be supplied to multiple learners when and where they like. The gomo eLearning authoring tool offers users a practical all-in-one learning suite, from which they can author, host, deliver, and track training content without needing separate applications to do each. Top advantages of gomo include cloud-based storage, responsive and adaptive HTML5 multi-device capabilities, and powerful built-in learning analytics. This article will talk you through some of gomo’s specialties which make it stand out as an award-winning authoring tool.

1. Quick Start Wizard

Gomo’s ability to produce a course and have it delivered to learners in next to no time is a strong feature of an authoring tool. Why opt for an authoring tool product with the purpose of building a DIY course if it takes you days or even weeks to complete it? Gomo features a quick start wizard that helps you to successfully set up and finish an eLearning course in four easy steps, which can be achieved in as little as one hour. This speedy and hassle-free way of producing eLearning saves businesses time and money, reducing the need for face-to-face training or sourcing external eLearning developers. It offers you the freedom to work to your own timeframes, and configure courses to deliver any type of training. This could consist of video tutorials, quizzes, fact sheets, or a combination of several different elements. Even eLearning course customization can take place in gomo’s quick start wizard in the theme configuration area, allowing you to produce material that matches your brand’s visuals.

2. Responsive And Adaptive HTML5

What makes gomo so mobile-friendly, allowing learners to take eLearning courses on their smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers in the office? This is due to gomo’s automatic responsive and adaptive design, which is supported by HTML5 to make sure that content displays correctly on any device. Courses can be opened on multiple device types and will be perfectly optimized for full-screen display. Gomo’s mobile readiness allows for on-the-go learning, which is great for busy workers who might only have a few spare minutes in the day to complete the latest compulsory training module. Making sure that your company’s eLearning is available in a multi-device format increases the accessibility of your eLearning, which is essential if your workforce isn’t all based in one single office location, using the same model of work computer.

3. Analytics And Tracking

Gomo is made even more powerful with its built-in tracking capabilities. Using Experience API (xAPI) technology, the tool allows end users to evaluate students’ performance from the easily understandable analytics reporting dashboard that’s located in the gomo learning suite. Gomo is able to provide data ranging from launches and completions, scores received, dates and times and even device type (tablet, smartphone or desktop). This is all very useful information in helping you to get to know your learners’ habits and also how effective the learning has been in achieving its goals.

Having access to learning statistics is important for content creators to be able to pinpoint any trends or patterns that are occurring so that they can improve the material. For example, if several learners are scoring poorly on one particular course topic, gomo’s analytics help you to discover this and take action. This might involve requesting that staff revisit a certain module, or possibly creating further material to support your team's understanding of the subject. All in all, tracking and analytics in gomo contributes towards both you and your learners reaching the best possible learning outcomes.

4. Continuous Scroll

Another benefit of using the gomo authoring tool is the ability to present learning content in a continuous scroll format. This differs from older methods of online learning, where users would have to click a button in a slide-based sequence in order to be taken to the next stage of the learning. The difference with continuous scroll is that it displays content vertically and learners can use their mouse, or hands if using a mobile device, to finish a course.

Since smartphone use is so prevalent and mobile device owners are already used to the vertical scroll method of browsing, providing eLearning in the same way is an effective method of getting information absorbed. This creates a more immersive way of taking training courses that might otherwise be rushed through or become tedious with constant mouse clicking. Of course, the option to create traditional slide-based learning in gomo is still there, or you could tailor a combination of navigations in a course for an enhanced interactive learning experience.

5. Cloud-Based Authoring

Clients that choose the gomo eLearning authoring tool benefit from cloud-based storage, which means there's no need to install any applications or additional software to get up and running – the learning suite can quickly and easily be accessed from a web browser with your login credentials and an Internet connection. All work that takes place in gomo’s learning suite is stored in the cloud and securely backed up. This reduces worries about losing work, with safely collected versions only a click away. The cloud is also one of the factors behind collaborating on course design in gomo, because it enhances flexibility for several colleagues to work together on building a course – even if they’re based in different locations! Updates can be more easily implemented in the cloud than if using a traditional learning management system, with any edits that are made by course admins taking effect immediately.

A Final Word On Using The Gomo eLearning Authoring Tool

Exploring gomo’s best features should give you an idea of what the authoring tool can provide for organizations as part of their learning and development so, if you’d like to try it out, why not sign up for a free 21-day trial?