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As Managing Director of gomo learning, I am hugely excited to be leading another exciting, innovative and dynamic online software company. The authoring tool market has been waiting for a product like gomo. The world has changed in the last couple of years from desktop e-learning to multi-device delivery. New developments such as cloud-based solutions and SaaS delivery mean that users expect to be up and running in minutes, collaborate, build their content online and not have to install software.
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November 29, 2017 | Sponsored

3 Big Advantages Of Offline Learning With xAPI Analytics

Email replaced fax machines, smartphones replaced cellphones, while digital media is ushering in an era where DVDs and CDs will soon be obsolete. Those in charge of training and development have seen a tidal wave of creative disruption as the extensive use of mobile devices and remote workers have made the practice of eLearning ubiquitous.
November 12, 2017 | Sponsored

4 Reasons Why Responsive Design Is The Future Of eLearning

Responsive design is all about making the most of the space available on the screen so the learning programs always look good. You’ve probably encountered web pages and learning initiatives where the content sits awkwardly on the screen, remaining illegible no matter how much you zoom in and out. One of the benefits of responsive eLearning is its potential to be beautifully presented across multiple devices.