3 Ways To Overcome The Problem Of Tracking Offline Learning

3 Ways To Overcome The Problem Of Tracking Offline Learning
Summary: As easy access to offline learning becomes more important to global businesses, tracking learners’ activities can be a key challenge.

Challenges Of Offline Learning: How To Overcome The Problem Of Tracking Offline Learning

As the technology landscape continues to change, having the flexibility to create both web and native apps for learning is vital. An app with detailed analytics, like the gomo central app, can be a solution. Even when courses have been taken offline, it allows you to track users’ activity within courses, see their quiz scores, and more.

Learn, Track, And Update: How To Meet The Challenges Of Offline Learning
In this free gomo eBook, we look at how an authoring tool can solve the problem of offline learning.

Here are 3 options to make eLearning with tracking available offline:

1. Apps With Preloaded Content

A one-time fixed set of content can be packaged into an app. You can then make the app available through a private or public app store, with appropriate access credentials. The content gets downloaded along with the app and is therefore available offline. With this approach, activity tracking is not usually possible.

2. SCORM/AICC-Compliant Wrapper Apps

If you’re delivering content through a Learning Management System and want to create fully responsive eLearning available on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones in online and offline modes, choose a solution that maps to and exchanges data with your LMS.

However, if your LMS doesn’t have an offline app, you need a solution that does. Look for a wrapper app that can communicate with the Learning Management System for things like learner validation, course/content assignment, content hosting and download, learner data tracking, notifications, etc. This app should also store data locally when offline.

3. xAPI-Compliant Wrapper Apps

To overcome the challenges involved in the tracking of standalone apps, consider an xAPI-compliant wrapper app. To a large extent, this reduces the need for interaction with the Learning Management System. It will allow you to launch content directly from the app. And you can send learner data to a separate LRS that also has reporting abilities.

Now that you know some ways in which offline and tracking can be implemented, how do you develop and distribute content in these apps?

Authoring Tools Can Help With These Options

There are several tools available to help you create responsive eLearning courses. Of these, gomo offers offline and tracking capabilities when, as a customer, your content is delivered through gomo central and the gomo central app.

For fast-paced industries and organizations whose training needs are frequently changing—and isn’t that most of us?—the difficulty of updating your training content when offering offline learning can have significant importance. Offline content is often difficult, if not impossible, to update quickly. Add in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach and the scenario becomes quite complex. With the gomo central app, you can now deliver gomo courses to learners’ smartphones and tablets with offline delivery, dynamic updates and full Experience API (xAPI or Tin-Can) analytics.

Getting current content into the hands of your users is easy with gomo when they’re online as well Delivering, tracking and updating content to users, websites, Learning Management Systems, social media sites, and more with a single click is what gomo is all about. Suddenly, multi-device publishing is a breeze. Update the course in gomo, and the whole world instantly sees the new version! The gomo learning suite architecture means easy, instantaneous, and dynamic updates.

With the gomo LMS wrapper, you can create your content in gomo and deliver it straight to your SCORM LMS. Update your courses easily whenever you need to make a change – your LMS users will immediately see the new version. Best of all, gomo will track your courses with xAPI, giving you far richer data than you’ll ever get from a SCORM LMS.

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