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Change Adoption Training And Mobility

Change Adoption Training And Mobility

The world keeps rapidly changing and, unfortunately, change can often feel very painful! How can organizations support employees through these transitions more effectively? What are some of the considerations for a successful intervention? Let’s find out together!
Mobility And Offline Learner Management

Mobility And Offline Learner Management

Surely, the advent of LMSs should have solved all learner management problems, right? Well, almost. Organizations that have a remote workforce or a workforce that is on the move face some interesting new problems, from access to resources to tracking offline learning path completion.
Mobile Learning For Employee Onboarding: How Effective Is It?

Mobile Learning For Employee Onboarding: How Effective Is It?

In an age where the workforce is driven by sheer talent, it has become very important to have a structured and integrated employee onboarding program in place. The approach to talent development programs, onboarding, in particular, is integral to longer retention of employees. What kind of training and onboarding process actually works? How can mobile learning prove to be effective in enhancing the onboarding process for the employees as well as the organization?
Mobility – Hype Or Hot Stuff?

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Almost everyone’s considered mobility by now, to the extent that it’s no longer ‘new technology’. But what is the verdict on it? Is it actually useful? Is there a particular approach to using mobility that will help make mobile learning more robust? We discuss these and similar questions.