Learn, Track, And Update: How To Meet The Challenges Of Offline Learning

by gomo Learning

In this free gomo eBook, ‘Learn, track, and update: How to meet the challenges of offline learning’, we look at how an authoring tool can solve the problem of offline learning.

Key Chapters

  1. Every business has its creative disruptors

    Workforces expect to access information whenever they need it and on any device, creating an opportunity for L&D teams to change the game by responding creatively to their needs.

  2. What do we mean by offline learning?

    A brief overview of the various forms in which offline training takes learning outside of the office and helps employees to advance their knowledge even when they are not connected.

  3. How offline learning became training’s unsung hero

    A good offline learning tool can be revolutionary for an organization. We take a look at the benefits offline learning provides, particularly for people in remote locations or on the move.

  4. Content has changed as it was reinvented

    What does new eLearning content look like? This section offers a few pointers to make engaging eLearning courses on any device.

  5. Overcoming the problem of tracking offline learning

    Even when courses have been taken offline, you should be able to comprehensively track users’ activity and gain meaningful insights which improve your learning strategy.

  6. Authoring tools can help with these options

    From offline delivery and dynamic updates to insightful tracking and single-click publishing, the right authoring tool should give you the functionality to drive successful learning.

  7. The power of offline learning

    The ebook draws a few conclusions and discusses how disruption followed by creative growth is the road to competitive advantage.

Being disconnected doesn’t mean learning stops. In fact, for many workers, offline learning is their ‘new normal’.

Being online may means busy, or distracted for many learners, so learning is increasingly finding its space offline to meet the needs of those. Offline learning is for sure a trend, but it is still a challenging one, and this eBook will let you in on the benefits of turning disruption to a competitive advantage.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of the eLearning Industry's Network