7 Effective Ways To Gain Cost Advantage With The Gomo eLearning Authoring Tool

How To Gain Cost Advantage With The Gomo eLearning Authoring Tool

Learning and Development is a vital part of a well run organization, but a restrictive budget can often get in the way of creating the high-quality learning that you know your organization needs in order to succeed. By choosing an authoring tool as part of your approach to delivering learning within your business, you are already cutting the costs of paying external developers as the work can be carried out in-house by your L&D team. But how can you cut costs even further, saving that all-important budget? Here are a few recommendations on how an authoring tool like gomo helps you to reduce spending and gain cost advantage over other methods of workplace learning.

1. Free Trial Period

Gomo offers the opportunity for anyone to try out their authoring tool learning suite completely free for 21 days. This gives you and your team the chance to experience everything gomo has to offer, from building a responsive and adaptive course in four easy steps with the quick start wizard, to reviewing it from the cloud with your colleagues, and finally delivering courses to your learners. It will cost you nothing for three weeks, and it’s a great way to find out if you like using the authoring tool and if it's able meet your organization’s requirements. If you’re satisfied at the end of the trial, gomo has a wide range of contract options to choose from to get you started. More on that coming up.

2. SaaS-Based

Gomo is a Software as a Service model (SaaS), which means that it is subscription-based, rather than paid through a one-off cost at the beginning of a contract. Subscriptions in gomo have a range of contracts to choose from, beginning with just one month, up to a 12-month subscription. The range of options means that there is something for everyone, because whether you need to use the authoring tool for a couple of weeks to build a one-off course, or need to access it more regularly, there is a package to suit you. The trial is commitment free and you don’t need to use a credit-card to activate it, so there’s no risk of wasting money if the trial ends without you realizing it.

3. In The Cloud

gomo is a cloud-based authoring tool, which means that it uses online access and storage and is accessed via the internet from your browser, rather than through complicated software. There are no extra hosting charges involved either, as gomo’s packages come with both developing and built-in hosting capabilities, plus there’s no need to hire professionals to carry out an installation and set-up. The cloud makes collaboration in course creation easy, with just a simple login needed. This makes life a lot easier for teams located in different areas and helps to reduce the need for face-to-face meetings with costly trip expenses involved.

gomo is a cloud-based elearning authoring tool

4. External Costs Are Reduced

There’s no need to pay an external learning design company to create eLearning courses for your business. With an authoring tool like gomo, courses can be created in-house in a matter of minutes. It’s quick and easy for your learning design team to create beautiful training content using the authoring tool and learning suite. Creating and delivering your own custom eLearning also means that there’s no need to send your employees on training days and pay for travel and accommodation, or source expensive training venues and materials.

5. No Maintenance Costs

As well as cutting back on costs for paying external developers to create the eLearning, you can avoid hiring anyone extra to maintain systems or install updates. Any technical support required is provided by gomo as a part of your subscription and the team is on-hand to assist you with any queries, so you can sit back, relax and just focus on creating beautiful multi-device learning programs. The latest version of gomo is always available for gomo clients at no extra charge, and you won’t need to carry out any downloads yourself either, as all updates take place via the cloud.

6. Reusable Courses

Once your courses have been created, they’re yours to access for as long as you need them. So if your business grows and new starters need to be trained, you will already have courses banked for them. gomo also makes it easy for you to update your courses to reflect any changes across your business or with your branding, without having to create brand new content. Changes like this can sync across all courses automatically, so there’s no complicated or time-consuming update processes.

7. Time Means Money

Lastly, gomo’s multi-device capabilities allow users to learn on the go from any device, with responsive and adaptive content. This opens up the possibilities in terms of the way learners can access and consume courses, allowing them to learn at any time or place, even outside of the workplace or office hours. Instead of putting aside two hours a week for training while in the office, employees can catch up with courses at home or whilst travelling to and from work, so they’ll have more time to continue with their usual tasks that are often sacrificed for training sessions. By offering multi-device learning possibilities for staff, you won’t be slowing down business productivity.

Using An eLearning Authoring Tool To Cut Back On Costs

There are a lot of ways that gomo can help you to cut back on costs when it comes to Learning and Development, while still allowing you to create tailor-made eLearning content without sacrificing quality. Money-saving shortcuts range from gomo’s SaaS and cloud-based background, to eliminating maintenance and installation costs, the re-usability of the courses you create, plus all with the commitment-free offer of a free 3-week trial. Why not try gomo for yourself by signing up for a gomo trial today?