A Simple Guide To Make Your Workplace Productive According To Your Business Needs

How To Increase Your Workplace Productivity
Summary: Employees are not the only way to increase the productivity of your business. A workplace can also be productive, which can increase your business productivity. Even without a productive workplace, employees cannot be productive.

How To Increase Your Workplace Productivity

Employees need a positive culture, a well-organized office, and a noise-free atmosphere in order to give their best performance, therefore, a productive workplace is highly required for business growth. To make your workplace productive, you have to focus on various things. After some research, I have found 6 of the most important things that are highly required for a positive workplace.

1. Create A Positive Culture In Your Office

Just improving the physical location and conditions is not enough, having a positive culture at your workplace is very important. It is a process or procedure that you need to follow. Here are some of the ways you can achieve this:

  • To give your workplace a positive culture, you need to set a goal and semantic approach for your overall business or every employee.
  • Each and every employee should have their own set of goals so that they have a daily target and a proper strategy. Without a strategy or goal, employees often become lazy or demotivated to work.
  • Therefore, determine your goals so that you know the purpose of everything you do, communicate these objectives daily with your team and other key members of staff.
  • Build a strong collaboration among your team. You can also use various types of collaboration tools available online to communicate with your team members from different geographical regions.

2. Redesign Your Office If Needed

There is no doubt in saying this that your physical environment and conditions play an important role in your productivity. Therefore, give your office a new look that not only attracts your customers but also motivates your employees or makes them feel positive so they can work easily in a positive environment without any distraction.

  • Do not use artificial or shiny lights, instead use only natural lights, if possible. According to research, it is found that those working in natural light were 15% more productive than those who work in artificial light.
  • Always choose the right colors for your office; for example, yellow is a sign of creativity, while muted colors are relaxing and soothing. Therefore, choose a color that makes your employees feel creative.
  • You can also use plants throughout the office as it gives positive energy and mental peace.
  • Use a good fragrance inside the office; lemon scent produced 54% fewer mistakes.

There are various other things you can do at your workplace to create a positive environment.

3. Make A Calendar For Priority Management

Maintaining a calendar for your task management can be a good option to improve your work productivity. Time and schedule management will also avoid anyone wasting time.

Managing a calendar for your team shouldn't be stressful, here are some ways you can achieve this:

  • Many offices allow a single person to be in charge of managing the calendar in order to avoid any conflicts. Appointing a single person, especially for this task, is not a bad idea.
  • Efficiently provides the task for your team so they can easily handle/avoid over-tasking.
  • You can use partial color coding to differentiate various tasks and events.
  • You can schedule time buffers between the meetings for everyone without interrupting others.
  • Give enough time to each member so they can deliver the task on time.
  • Don’t forget to include the holidays and time zones so that there’s isn’t any confusion about deadlines or meeting times.
  • Use simple tools such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Calendar, Calendly, and Calendar to aid in collaboration.

4. Keep Your Workplace Clean And Organized

A clean and well-organized office is the first step toward a positive work environment. It will not only keep your mind refreshed or prevent your mind from indulging in the wrong activities but also save your time in searching for misplaced items. An orderly office is probably better for your health too.

Arrange things in a good manner and keep your items safe and secure in the right place so you can easily find them when you need them. Maintain a clean office so when you work it will not distract you.

5. Reduce Noise And Distractions

Noise is the most negative factor in your work productivity. Noise creates distractions that stop you from doing your work, which affects your work productivity. Every office is packed with different types of distractions ranging from phone calls to your co-workers' chat notifications.

Take the time to find out what is distracting you and your team the most. Once you find the spot, then find the best possible solutions to reduce these distractions.

A study was conducted by the British Journal of Psychology, in which workers were asked to perform two tasks: first, they were tested without noise, then they were tested with recorded general office noise. The test results found that with noise there was a decrease in the accuracy of their work by almost 67%. Therefore, avoid noises and distractions as much as possible.

6. Use The Right Tools, Equipment, And Resources

Last but not least, it is almost impossible to achieve all the above things without having the right tools, equipment, and resources. To improve productivity, your office must be filled with all the necessary office items such as suspension files, manila folders, and archive boxes. Your employees should have everything they need to perform their duties.

What’s more, your employees should be able to quickly address any questions or concerns without having any issues. For example, you can maintain an online cloud-based troubleshooting platform to answer your employees' questions. This way you both can save time, as there will be no need to wait and reply to all questions.