Hot eLearning Topics To Cover In Your Guest Article [September 2022 Edition]

Hot eLearning Topics To Cover In Your Guest Article [September 2022 Edition]
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Summary: Which topics should you cover in your eLearning guest post? We highlight the top 5 to consider for your next eLI guest article.

Which eLearning Topics Are Readers On The Lookout For?

Crafting guest posts is one of the most effective ways to build your personal brand and your niche expertise. However, choosing the right topic can be a challenging task. So, today we're shining the eLI spotlight on 5 hot topics that will help you connect with our eLearning community.

1. Measuring eLearning ROI

How can you demonstrate the real impact of your eLearning initiatives? This topic can cover everything from evaluating metrics to calculating a realistic budget for your L&D program.

2. Sales Enablement Training Strategies

Which skills should your team cultivate to hit their targets? How can you create meaningful sales enablement training strategies that get rapid results? We'd love to read about your sales L&D insights and tried-and-tested tips.

3. Boosting Engagement In K-12 eLearning Environments

How can you get students involved in the learning process after you switch to online learning? Do you have some proven strategies to encourage parents to play an active role in their child's remote education? This topic includes a broad range of subtopics, such as activities to motivate online learners and tips to create a top-notch curriculum.

4. Making A Strong Business Case For Online L&D

Getting stakeholder buy-in can be tricky. So, how can L&D pros win over decision-makers and make a solid business case for Learning and Development programs? What are some of the most effective ways to go beyond the benefits and prove the real-world value of online L&D?

5. AI In eLearning

What does the future hold for Αrtificial Ιntelligence in the eLearning sphere? How can modern L&D pros leverage AI today to personalize learning experiences? We want to hear your thoughts, ideas, and tips for making the most of AI in eLearning design and development.

Wrapping Up

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