Where Companies Go Wrong With L&D (And How Corporate Training Solutions Can Help)

Corporate Training Solutions: Up Your Training Game
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Summary: Is your corporate training effective? Many businesses experience the same issues with Learning and Development. Here are 5 corporate training solutions.

5 Ways To Improve Your Corporate Training

Training your corporate workforce is one of the most critical investments you’ll make to grow your business. From online learning guides to in-person training meetings, if your training programs aren’t effective, you can lose money on ineffective employees who don’t help your business succeed.

You hired smart, capable people because you believed they were the best fit for their roles in the company. Practical training helps take your key personnel to the next level in how they can benefit your company and your customers. To win the hearts and minds of your people is to mobilize your greatest asset, which can help you overcome other competitive disadvantages you may have.

It’s time to step up your training game! Here are 5 essential corporate training solutions for almost any business.

1. Expand Online Training Availability

While there are plenty of benefits of having your team in a room together to learn a new concept or build relationships, more corporations are supplying online learning opportunities as a way to benefit employees.

LinkedIn’s latest Workplace Learning Report shows that 57% of L&D (Learning and Development) professionals report spending more time with online learning than in prior years. Corporate leaders must find ways to develop curricula in an online format to help employees train in a flexible environment.

Online training programs allow employees to start and stop as needed through a training course. They can also engage in remote training while commuting, during lunch, at any time, and any place. Without an online platform for training your teams, your employees might miss out on valuable upskill training to improve their job performance.

2. Stay Current With Corporate Training Solutions

Technology changes faster than many companies can manage. Employers can’t always depend on fresh talent or outside resources to provide the cutting edge their businesses need to stay current. About 46% of global CEOs say that upskilling and reskilling employees is a priority in keeping their companies technologically relevant.

With adaptable corporate training, you can teach “old” dogs new tricks to keep your company competitive! No matter the generations you have working for you, remote learning tools can help your employees sharpen their skills and learn new technology to keep your company competitive.

3. Customize Your Content

Customize your corporate training content to fit your company, products, services, and employees. Adapting universal training content makes it relevant to your staff’s daily operations.

You don’t have to rely on a training package that might or might not help your team get to where they need to be. Paying for training packages that include information you don’t need is a waste of your company’s resources.

Work with a company that can customize your training to your exact needs to maximize your investment in both your corporate learning tools and your talent!

4. Embed Your Corporate Culture In Your Training

The creator of the OODA loop, Lt. Colonel John Boyd, observed from the Vietnam War that a huge physical advantage could be overcome by winning the mental and moral dimensions.

The North Vietnamese were able to win hearts (moral) and minds (mental) by portraying themselves as nationalist freedom fighters. The U.S. spent $738 billion fighting the Vietnam War and couldn’t overcome the moral and mental advantages seized by the North Vietnamese.

In organizations, influencing the hearts and minds of your people is done through your corporate culture. Culture, winning the mental and moral dimensions, can overcome huge physical advantages competitors may have, such as superior market share, economies of scale, and more funding.

This is why reinforcing your culture in everything you do, including your corporate training, is so important. David Cummings, co-founder of Pardot, said it best: “Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within [your control]. Develop a strong corporate culture first and foremost.”

Of course, you have to start by creating great values to distill your culture for employees. But then you have to make them stick. We're not talking about isolated training on corporate values. That doesn’t take employees out of the context of this once-a-year training and ask them to apply the values in new ethically ambiguous situations.

Culture needs to be embedded in all your training initiatives.

5. Choose Customized Online Corporate Training Solutions

Stay ahead of the learning curve with customized online corporate training solutions. It’s the best way to help your employees learn at their own pace. They can also engage with content that takes their skills to the next level and directly relates to your products and services.

Originally published at curiouslionlearning.com.