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Cost-Effective And Custom-Tailored

Creating online courses used to be reserved for professional Graphic and Instructional Designers. It required advanced software know-how and experiences. It also required a whole team of SMEs and admins to tackle the litany of tasks. But today, virtually anyone with a passion for the topic and/or a training gap to bridge can develop eLearning courses. Our eBook, Cost-Effective And Custom-Tailored: A Comprehensive Guide To Create Online Courses With Limited Resources, delves into the design and implementation essentials, from choosing the best eLearning authoring tool to common pitfalls to avoid when creating online certification courses.

eBook Release:  Cost-Effective And Custom-Tailored: A Comprehensive Guide To Create Online Courses With Limited Resources
eBook Release
Cost-Effective And Custom-Tailored: A Comprehensive Guide To Create Online Courses With Limited Resources
Discover a complete guide to creating effective online courses even on a tight budget..

The Importance Of Creating Online Courses From Scratch Versus Buying Pre-Built Solutions

Many organizations believe that developing custom-tailored online training solutions is out of reach—or out of budget. However, creating your own online courses can help you stretch resources and personalize the online training experience for every member of your team. This is primarily thanks to rapid eLearning tools and LMSs with built-in authoring tool that allow you to develop targeted online training resources. As a result, you can fill current gaps and align online courses with your business outcomes.

Creating online courses also gives you the opportunity to incorporate more branding and account for employee preferences. For example, you can develop bite-sized support tools that help them overcome daily challenges or bridge relevant skill gaps, rather than trying to find a pre-built solution that barely brushes the surface of their personal online training goals. And, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a pretty penny—or hundreds of thousands of them—to accomplish this feat. Here are 3 other common misconceptions about creating online courses that our eBook can help you dispel once and for all so that your organization can reap the benefits of custom eLearning courses.

1. Experience Is A Must

It’s true that you do have to at least have some experience with technology and the subject matter. Unless, of course, you bring in an outside SME or tech guru who can lend a helping hand. However, with the right LMS, the learning curve is minimal. You don’t need to have a vast amount of know-how in order to create online courses that make an impact. The key is careful planning, organization, and needs analysis. You must be aware of what your current program lacks and how you can remedy the problem with custom-tailored online training content. This eBook even features design principles to consider so that you cover all the eLearning essentials.

2. It Takes Too Much Time

Who has time to develop an online course from scratch? Well, your in-house team. It’s not simply about designing content from the ground up. You can also repurpose assets you already have by investing in an LMS with built-in authoring tool. Thus, reducing development time and stretching available resources. Buying pre-built online courses may be faster, but does it come at the cost of personalization? You can also avoid launch delays by creating a step-by-step walkthrough for how to accomplish each milestone. For example, who will handle which tasks, which resources they require, and how long it will take. Then leave a little room in the schedule for unexpected issues.

3. Custom-Built Is Always More Costly Than Outsourcing

Another route you can take is outsourcing your eLearning to a third-party service provider. Many organizations opt for this approach because they assume it costs less than in-house development. After all, you have to hire a team, purchase tools, and deal with a learning curve. However, with a little guidance and the right software, custom-built online training solutions can actually be more cost-effective. For example, the eBook offers a detailed overview of how to develop online training courses for your remote team. That said, you can always choose to outsource certain tasks instead of handing over the entire project. A needs analysis will help you determine which aspects of the development are best suited for an external team. And which you can wrap up in-house to avoid overspending.

What you’ll find in our custom-tailored online training solutions eBook:

  • Top Reasons To Create Online Courses In-House Versus Purchasing Pre-Built Solutions
  • Secrets To Creating Online Courses That Become Instant Best-Sellers
  • Tips To Choose An Authoring Tool To Create eLearning Courses With Minimal Experience
  • Design Principles You Should Keep In Mind When Developing Online Courses For Busy Professionals
  • Common Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Online Courses For Skill-Based Certifications
  • Tips To Develop Online Training Courses For Your Extended Sales Channels Without Breaking The Bank
  • Step-By-Step Guide To Develop Online Training Courses For Your Geographically Dispersed Team
  • Tips To Choose The Best LMS Before You Start Developing eLearning Courses
  • Vital Talents You Need To Create Winning Online Courses And Tips To Fine-Tune Them

This eBook is ideal for organizations that want to stretch their budget and hone their in-house talent by developing custom-tailored online training courses, as well as those who want to turn their online courses into a source of revenue, whether you have a staff of 50 or 500. We’ll show you how to create online courses without breaking the bank and steer clear of common mistakes to get the best ROI. You’ll also learn how to choose the best LMS with built-in authoring tool for your team and use it to design meaningful eLearning content. Don’t let online course creation myths prevent you from achieving your goals and improving resource allocation. Get your copy of Cost-Effective And Custom-Tailored: A Comprehensive Guide To Create Online Courses With Limited Resources to cut costs and launch an employee-centered online training program for your remote workforce.

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