How Educational Technology Is Transforming Teaching And Learning - Infographic

The Rise Of Educational Technology In K-12 Classrooms

In my opinion, the following 5 stats concerning The Rise of EduTech in K-12 Classrooms are very impressive.

  1. 73% of Teachers and Students are using cell phone in class and for assignments
  2. 94% of Students are using online search engines
  3. 79% of Students access assignments online
  4. 99% of Teachers believe that Internet offers a wider range of resources than otherwise available
  5. 87% of Students are easily distracted, with shorter attention spans

Do you agree or disagree with the above stats?

4 Tips For Successful Educational Technology Implementation In Classroom

  1. Take it slow: Focus on big-picture planning before investing
  2. Have a plan: Do not use Smartboards as giant TV screens
  3. Understand the limitations: Digital rights programs can limit the access of content.
  4. Spend Smarter: Not only the Educational Technology Equipment but also the way that we use Educational Technology Equipment is crucial to the successful implementation of EduTech in Classroom

What other tips would you like to add?

The Rise of EduTech in K-12 Classrooms

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