How To Create A Pleasant Environment For eLearning

How To Create A Pleasant Environment For eLearning
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Summary: To create the best eLearning experience, a spark of motivation and a stimulating learning environment is needed. This is why we created a simple guide to make your physical and mental workspace ideal for soaking in new knowledge and mastering your skills in the digital world.

Learn How To Create The Best eLearning Environment

One of the biggest advantages when learning online is the possibility of autonomously choosing the time and place for learning. That is truly excellent, isn't it? However, we often don't know how to use this advantage properly. To make our learning as productive as possible, it is necessary to ensure good conditions, which means creating a comfortable work and mental environment for eLearning.

What Does The Ideal Workspace For eLearning Look Like?

The workspace for eLearning can be any location we find ourselves at with the appropriate devices and access to the internet, but this doesn't mean we should actually learn anywhere, because the workspace can drastically affect our results. First and foremost, we need to settle ourselves comfortably, but not too comfortably! Otherwise, we could easily fall into the world of dreams, which happens quite often if we choose a bed or couch as our workspace. The best option would be in your favorite corner of the room, at your desk with a comfortable chair.

A neat and tidy environment helps our brain focus on the task at hand instead of being distracted by the clutter. If we find ourselves outside of our home, we should find a suitable place where we can be situated for at least 30 minutes. Some people find it easier to focus if they change their environment, so don't be afraid to go out and try what works best for you. The space we find ourselves in, be it indoors or outdoors, should have a pleasant temperature and good lighting, as well as peace and silence so that we can stay maximally focused on our learning materials.

We can learn through all kinds of devices—PC or laptop, tablet or mobile phone—so we should choose the one that suits us most and provides the most productive learning experience, after considering our location. We should always make sure that our technology is ready for what we're planning to do and functioning properly, so we don't waste the precious time we've allocated for learning on trying to fix our malfunctioning device. This means making sure we have a good internet connection, our speakers and microphone are tested and ready to use, and similar things. Now that we have our perfect eLearning workspace setup, it's time to work on our mental setup.

How Do You Create The Mental Space For Learning?

Besides having to secure a pleasant working environment, we should feel good about our decision to learn. What does that mean? It means we have to be ready to spare some free time and goodwill. Whilst creating our daily activity agenda, it is important to plan some time for learning. It's enough to set aside 15–30 minutes of focused time during which we can acquire new information and knowledge without distractions and concentrate on the learning content. It is much easier to stray from your learning path if you don't have a set schedule, especially if the location is online.

Motivation is important! Reward yourself for every successful step, and accept mistakes as a challenge and something to learn from. It's a great feeling to accomplish a set goal, but it gets even better when you treat yourself to something you enjoy. You definitely deserve that ice cream after finishing a lesson, and it will motivate you to try and reach your goals again. Find something interesting in every lesson and use that to motivate yourself to study further as well. There's so much more interesting information that awaits you with each mouse click. Having the right mindset greatly raises your success potential.

The desire to succeed is the strongest motivation. We all wish to be successful. Without the right attitude, even the space we have designed for comfortable learning won't be attractive. The road to success doesn't have to be difficult and uncomfortable. Online lessons are created for the purpose of making learning pleasant, interesting, and encouraging, and it's up to you to utilize it in the best way possible. Good quality preparation is 90% of the job done!

If we've ensured a comfortable learning space and found the necessary motivation, we can confidently say we are ready to acquire new knowledge and develop our skills. Now, we can fully experience the content of our lessons and enjoy the interactive experience of attaining new knowledge.

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