How To Identify The Training Needs Of Different Employees

How To Identify The Training Needs Of Different Employees
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Summary: Employees all over the world are looking for better learning opportunities. It's 2023 now and training can't be generalized; companies need to design training programs carefully.

How To Design Relevant Training Programs

Training programs must be designed as per the roles and responsibilities of each occupation. Although training for specific employees needs to be different, some training is the same for all of them. This includes the compliance training which all employees need to follow. For example, all employees needed to be trained when the compliance rules changed for the airline industry, especially due to COVID-19.

Compliance training ensures that the employees are trained for those unsavory situations which can happen in a company, and on how they can help prevent them occurring. Companies can ensure that every employee knows the general steps they can take to prevent such a situation from occurring. When COVID-19-based protocols were introduced, every airline employee in the company had to check a passenger’s documents before they could board a flight.

How A Company Can Ascertain The Training Needs Of Employees

Every employee involved in a company does not have the same skillset, and generalized training can harm the business. A business can ascertain the training needs of its employees in the following ways:

1. Through Questionnaires

One way to know about the responsibilities of different employees is to question them. Then you can ask them what their duties are. What tasks do they perform throughout the day? The employees can be observed on their jobs to get information about what they do. There is also documentation (standard operating procedures) about how specific employees must carry out their jobs. Meetings with employees can prove to be very helpful in this regard, because then you can discuss the strengths of various employees and how they can improve. The employees can also give their ideas about which skills can aid them in their development.

2. Knowledge Tests

The company can also design knowledge tests through which it can evaluate whether the current employees are lacking in skills somewhere. It can also help decide how they compare to other people who are working in similar roles in the same industry. A company can also create exams that the employee must clear to know whether any skill gaps should be tackled.

3. Goals Of The Organization

The employees must have an idea about the company’s expectations of them. For example, an employee can also be trained on how to attain the goals of a company. When there are clear-cut goals for every employee, the company also has an idea about what the parameters are for performance appraisal. The company needs to be supportive of employees. Although goals have been set for them, it's crucial to see that they are not scolded if they are unable to attain their goals, but are helped to deal with whatever is stopping them from doing so.

The company needs to customize the training so that employees can easily attain their goals. A company must have a clear evaluation of its goals in terms of how much market share it wants to capture. This can only help in reaching the peak of success. It should then be followed by an analysis of how such goals can be attained through marketing. Then it should define the jobs and duties of the personnel who are supposed to carry out the tasks related to the goals. If you see that some members of the organization are not qualified to perform their designated duties, then they need training. It's not a single analysis that can help an organization get the intended results, rather it's many analyses, done properly, after which an organization can arrive at its training needs.


Training can only help when it’s done with a certain objective in mind. Without being based on objectives, training can’t be of any help. A company can also analyze whether an employee is properly placed in a role or not. If their placement was not done suitably, they might be taking many days off. When a company detects the absence of an employee, it knows that the employee has been given an easy role due to which they are taking so many days off. The employee might be a misfit in their job and might not be able to give their best. Hence, it’s better that some training is imparted to them to boost their abilities.

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