Is It Important To Add Microlearning To Your Learning?

Discover 7 Benefits Of Microlearning
Summary: Microlearning is one of the trends in the eLearning industry. Many organizations adopt it to improve their L&D training because of the effectiveness of training. Generally, microlearning courses are short and last about 5 minutes or less and are often made available for employees anytime needed.

7 Benefits Of Microlearning

However, is it vital to add microlearning to eLearning training? What are the benefits of microlearning? In this article, you'll learn the importance of microlearning, and how it can help you to improve your eLearning training programs. Apart from the fact that microlearning breaks long courses into short and focused chunks, it is always available to meet your needs and that of your employees. Here are some of the benefits of microlearning.

1. Microlearning Delivers Learning In The Flow Of Work

As the nature of work continues to evolve, your organization needs to stay relevant in business and to the employees too. Your employees must be open to learn new skills and develop in order to become productive for your organization.

Microlearning delivers short, fast, and targeted learning to your employees just when they need it. For example, if your company is designing a new product, videos or PDFs should be made available to all employees to learn more about the product. This kind of information should be available on all devices and accessible by your employees at any time.

2. Learning On The Go

Some organizations still grant employees study leave to learn new skills. However, this is not a bad idea, though too much study leave may affect the productivity of your organization. Microlearning makes it easier to learn on the go. Employees can learn and develop new skills at their own pace without disrupting their daily work.

Furthermore, since the majority of learners prefer smartphones and tablets to PCs, learning can take place anywhere and anytime. Therefore, microlearning is the most suitable for learning on the go since it delivers learning in small chunks.

3. Microlearning Enables Self-Directed Learning

According to research, the majority of learners prefer to learn at their own pace, a self-directed and independent mode of learning. That is why they are more engaged and productive when given access to microlearning course materials than when forced to sit in a group and complete a lengthy course.

The formal approach is more of a "pull" rather than a "push" method of learning. This method of learning may appear to be a complicated way of learning. But with the right tools and management, you can provide, monitor, and achieve a better learning program.

4. Addresses Short Attention Spans

If your employees are finding it difficult to focus on training courses, microlearning may be the right answer. Create microlearning courses that focus on achieving one objective at a time per each module. Each microlearning should last at most 5 minutes.

For instance, why make your employees read textbooks to get all the information. You can focus their attention on information each of them needs and provide this information in a short video or PDF format to boost their engagement.

5. Can Be Used At Different Stages Of The Learning Program

No matter what you are trying to achieve with your training course, microlearning is useful at the different stages of your learning program. Microlearning can act as a standalone learning technique or be part of a bigger course. For instance, this learning approach will be of benefit to new hires as they learn about the company.

Furthermore, it is also essential for old employees as it will not disrupt their daily work. Microlearning can help you to easily summarize a lengthy course. Besides that, it can also serve as an additional reference during a training program or to strengthen employees’ knowledge after the training program.

6. Enhances Learning Retention

Microlearning enhances learning retention because learners have the chance to go through microlearning content over and over until it is understood. That is because the training material is short and contains the precise information needed by them. They can afford to read, listen, or watch the content without getting bored or skipping any part of it.

Completing learning training on time enables the transfer of knowledge into our long-term memory. With that, it means microlearning is just the right strategy in case you need to boost your learner retention.

7. Quick Access To Knowledge Helps With Problem-Solving

What will your employees do when they encounter any issues? Should they make a guess and proceed? Or should they search through microlearning for help regarding the information on how to solve the encountered problem?

Well, microlearning will provide quick access to knowledge and help with quick problem-solving. Your employees can assess microlearning on smartphones and tablets.

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