5 Ways To Create Microlearning Online Training Content

5 Ways To Create Microlearning Online Training Content
Summary: Microlearning is easy to consume and assimilate, which makes it the perfect fit for online training. Especially in fast-paced work environments that involve complex tasks and compliance protocols. In this article, I'll highlight 5 ways to create microlearning online training content for your organization.

How To Create Microlearning Online Training Content

Microlearning involves bite-sized online training resources that are quick, convenient, and topic-centered. Employees are able to bridge gaps and expand their knowledge base on the go. Microlearning online training materials also allow them to brush up on skill sets and continually improve their workplace practices. But how do you create these little jewels of professional wisdom for your remote employees? Here are 5 ways to develop and deploy microlearning online training content.

1. Use A Rapid eLearning Authoring Tool

Rapid eLearning authoring tools have built-in assets that speed up the development process. They usually feature templates, themes, images, and cut-out characters that are ideally suited for microlearning online training materials. You have the ability to create bite-sized resources in a fraction of the time, even if you're working with a limited budget. The key to finding the right rapid eLearning authoring tool is to try before you buy. Many eLearning vendors offer trials or demos that allow you to test out the software. You can also look online for reviews and recommendations.

Micro Tip: Take inventory of the eLearning authoring tools you already have on hand, so that you avoid overlap. For example, you may not even be aware of some hidden features of your current eLearning authoring tools. Even video or audio editing platforms may be of use when creating microlearning online training content.

2. Repurpose Existing Online Training Materials

You probably have assets tucked away in your archives or sitting idly on your laptop. Why not use these resources to your advantage by transforming them into microlearning online training materials. For example, a half-hour video recorded webinar becomes five micro modules that focus on specific tasks or skills. Moreover, you can turn that comprehensive compliance online training course into brief online training tutorials that cover individual topics.

Micro Tip: This is yet another reason why rapid eLearning authoring tools are a must-have. You can upload your online training materials into the software and use their asset library to give them an overhaul. For instance, add background audio and interactions to your microlearning video to make it even more interactive and engaging.

3. Develop "Moment Of Need" Online Training Aids

Microlearning and "moment of need" online training are a perfect match. Employees need immediate access to online training resources, which help corporate learners complete tasks and build essential skills. These on-the-spot online training opportunities focus on specific topics or challenges, so that they can overcome common hurdles. Conduct surveys and on-the-job evaluations to identify online training pain points, such as tasks that employees struggle with on a daily basis or company policies they are still unfamiliar with. Then, use your findings to develop personalized "moment of need" support aids for your staff.

Micro Tip: Make sure that your just-in-time online training tools are mobile-friendly. Employees will appreciate the fact that they can access the online training materials whenever, wherever. Use a responsive design tool to design a master layout. Then, create breakpoints based on your employees' preferred devices.

4. Sum It Up With An Engaging Infographic

Infographics blend images, graphics, and text to give employees a general overview of trends, tasks, and topics. For example, an infographic turns a collection of stats and figures into a visual representation that’s easy to comprehend. It may feature charts, graphs, diagrams, visual metaphors, and a broad range of other compelling imagery. Employees are more likely to absorb and assimilate the information, as they can see the relationship between the concepts and ideas. Infographics also serve as great refresher tools.

Micro Tip: Use an infographic template, so that you don't have to start from scratch. There are a variety of eLearning templates online. However, your rapid eLearning authoring tool may already have some built-in infographic layouts that are ideally suited for the task. Also, make certain that you stick to one task or topic to prevent cognitive overwhelm.

5. Produce Targeted Online Training Videos

Five-minute online training videos are engaging, easily accessible, and quick to consume. Employees can simply watch the video whenever they encounter a problem or need to improve their skill sets, even if they happen to be out on a sales call or troubleshooting a client issue. For best results, focus on a single learning objective for each online training video. Otherwise, you may end up causing memory overload instead of improving workplace performance.

Micro Tip: Cut costs by narrating and producing the online training video in house. There are a number of free or budget-friendly video recording and editing tools available. Start out with an eLearning storyboard and map out each scene. Then, write a script to ensure that you stay on topic. Combine your voice-over with royalty free images and background audio to make it more immersive and entertaining. Just be certain to verify the usage rights to avoid copyright violations.

Bonus Tip

I would be remiss if I didn't mention a microlearning online training repository. Your employees don't have the time to search for online training materials. However, you can make it easier to find targeted microlearning online training resources by creating an online library. Compile all of the online training content in one centralized location. Then, divide the microlearning online training repository into distinct categories. For example, one section may be devoted to compliance issues, while another covers customer service tasks. The goal is to make online training convenient, so that your corporate learners address performance and skill gaps as quickly as possible. That gives them time to remedy the issue before it escalates, leading to diminished productivity and profits.

Microlearning online training is cost-effective and has the power to significantly improve knowledge retention. As a result, your employees improve their workplace proficiency, and your organization allocates resources more effectively. This article can help you develop memorable microlearning online training materials for your employees, even if you don't have any prior experience.

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