Improve Your Typing Speed: 4 Free Online Tutors To Help You

Improve Your Typing Speed: 4 Free Online Tutors To Help You
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Summary: Here are 4 free online tutors that will help you improve your typing speed in no time.

How To Improve Your Typing Speed: 4 Free Online Tutors

As a serious computer user, it is important that you take the effort to improve your overall typing speed as well as typing accuracy. Doing this can dramatically convert nondescript typing tasks into highly rewarding experiences. This in turn can significantly improve your overall productivity and efficiency, not only in your professional endeavors, but your personal affairs too. Mind you in ways you might not have deemed to be possible in the past. As such, there happen to be a wide variety of online tutors, which are specifically devoted to provide free lessons that make mastering the art of touch typing infinitely more easy and convenient. The following is a review of how to improve your typing speed: 4 free online tutors that you can ultimately settle for to become a skilled touch typist.

  1. is an excellent place to conveniently master the skill of touch typing online in a very hassle-free manner. This website is highly noted for providing step-to-step tutorials on exactly what you ought to do to evolve into a skilled touch typist. These given lessons are categorized into four different groups, which are the beginner, intermediate, advanced and business levels. As a whole, these tutorials cover fourteen touch typing lessons, with an additional four that dwell on symbol typing, along with seven on enhancing typing speed. also provides numerous interesting and fun word games that are also designed to improve typing speed and typing accuracy. It also has a typing speed test, which you can take without having to sign up for the website. Nevertheless, to obtain unlimited access to all the resources that are made available here, you will be obliged to sign up first.
  2. is one of the free online typing tutors that has been designed for beginners. Its range of highly comprehensive lessons begin by specifying just which fingers you should use whenever you find yourself typing various words. The keyboard which this website offers is color-coded, and presents a very organized view. This, of course, allows you to accurately and rapidly discern just what finger should be pressing the different keys you use while engaged in typing. Ratatype also provide real-time data on all the errors that you make, while also offering invaluable data on your typing speed. At the same time, this free online typing tutor offers certificates on your touch typing performance after you take the typing speed test it provides. Finally, Ratatype also offers additional tutorials on the right typing posture to prevent fatigue and injury, particularly when you are engaged in prolonged typing tasks.
  3. is yet another good free online typing tutor that provides a wide variety of touch typing lessons, which range from beginner up to the professional level. It also provides various online tools which facilitate for real-time tracking of the user’s progress in their typing speed lessons. Also, it offers numerous interactive and interesting games, which are geared to ultimately improve the user’s typing speed and typing accuracy. You can also take part in typing speed competitions, which will put you up against other users from all over the world. Finally, upon passing the typing speed test provides, you will obtain a certificate from the globally acclaimed typing Institute of America.
  4. is also a free online typing tutor for mastering the skill of touch typing. This one of a kind website provides very comprehensive lessons, which are, for the most part, primarily designed to cater to beginners. has made it a point to develop at least one hundred typing tutorials, covering virtually all facets of the art of touch typing. It also comes with highly indispensable typing analytics functionalities that enable it to display vital data on the user’s typing speed and typing accuracy for each finger they utilize. also features a distinctive typing lessons timeline that is offered in the form of a graphical chart view. Via this ingenious timeline, you will be able to accurately evaluate your typing speed while going through the various lessons you decide to take, and which are provided for free by this website. Unlike most other websites of this kind, you can conveniently go through all the lessons which it provides without signing up for it. However, to make sure that your overall progress is saved, you will first need to register with