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Education enthusiast, worked in Australian Education Science Center since 2005. Currently, Adam works as an education advisor at Ratatype - online typing tutor.
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August 18, 2016

5 Essential Skills To Learn For Free Online

We all strive to be our best. Daily we encounter people or difficult situations where our talents or skills are put to the test. Life is something you have no way of studying for. We can however, do our best to be well prepared and ready for what gets thrown our way. Today I want to equip you with 5 essential skills to learn for free online; they are 5 of the most essential skills you need to learn to be successful.
August 28, 2014

5 eLearning Websites to Revisit Before School Year

The new school year is nearly here, and it's a fair bet that you've forgotten most of what you were taught. All that summer fun has a tendency of pushing school right out of your head! Thankfully, with the advent of eLearning websites, it's easy to refresh your memory and brush up on all of those skills that you'll need to be successful in the coming year.
July 29, 2014

7 Tips On How Not To Fail With MOOC Courses

The fact that you are reading this article bears ample testimony to the fact that you are looking for a MOOC which is short for Massive Open Online Course. Your reasons behind opting for a MOOC may range from your desire to learn something new to changing career path without drowning nose deep in student loan. There is no denial that MOOC’s are the best courses for online education however, they only turn out to be good if you know how not to fail with a MOOC. Find out best tips on how to choose the right MOOC course and don't become disappointed.
June 27, 2014

4 eLearning Skills to Master This Summer

Summer is upon us and most of us are enjoying the warm weather, the summer activities and most importantly, the freedom from the strict schedule that school provides. There is no reason to waste these free summer months, though. Here are 4 eLearning skills that you can work on mastering over the summer.