elearning websited to revisit before a school year

Top 5 eLearning websites that you should visit before the new school year begins

eLearning websites are a fantastic way to learn new things, and to refresh your skills before the new school year begins. Enjoy being the top of your class with your newly practiced skills. By spending an hour a day for a couple of weeks before school working on your typing, coding, and other skills, you can make your school time so much more enjoyable.

Here are the top 5 eLearning websites that you should visit before the new school year begins.

  1. Spreeder
    Speed reading is a skill that everyone should learn, whether they are in school or not, but if you're having to read textbooks day in and day out, it can be an invaluable skill. Spreeder provides dozens of speed reading lessons to help improve your skills and refresh the speed reading abilities that you may have neglected over the summer. Using the site is simple, all you need to do is copy and paste the section of text that you would like to read into the web site, and click the "Spreed!" button. This well help to determine your base reading speed so the site can create a customized lesson plan based on your current experience.
  2. Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft Excel is one of the most versatile programs in the Office 365 package. Having a working knowledge of this program is often enough to land you an office job once you've graduated high school. In school, it's a fantastic tool for math, project planning, budgeting, and fund raising. Microsoft knows how useful its program is, so they have provided a comprehensive tutorial page which includes everything from the most basic skills, like entering numbers and data, to more advanced skills like budgeting and business payroll and inventory.
  3. Khan Academy
    Refresh all of your class-related skills with Khan Academy. This one of the most comprehensive online learning websites. It provides classes for math, social studies, science, and any other class that you feel you need a little bit of work on. Work at your own pace, and spend as much or as little time as you need to refresh your skills. All of the classes are provided completely free, and can be accessed anywhere that you have internet and a computer or smart device like a tablet or phone. Give yourself a leg-up before the new school year starts, and prove to your instructors that you haven't forgotten everything over the long fun-filled summer.
  4. RataType
    Typing is one of the most vital skills that you can learn, and it will serve you long after you leave school and move out into the working world. If you've spend most of your summer outdoors, like many of us do, then your typing skills have probably suffered as a result. Refresh your skills and start typing like a pro again with the lessons offered on Ratatype.com. This site is also good if you're just starting out, or have spend years relying on hunt and peck typing techniques. The lessons offered at this site are the perfect way to get you back up to fighting strength, so to speak.
  5. Code Academy
    The world runs on computers, and learning how to speak their language can be one of the most lucrative skills you will ever learn. Code Academy offers lessons in a variety of programming languages, including HTML/CSS, Java, Ruby, and Python, just to name a few. The lessons are easy to follow and provide comprehensive step by step instructions to take you through everything you need to know to create a computer program, design a website, or craft a web-based game. If you want any easy way to get a good job right out of high school, then spend some time learning how to code on sites like Code Academy.

Good luck on your new school years and in all of your endeavors!