Improve Your Learning Design Skills With Elucidat's Expert-Created Masterclass Topics

How To Improve Your Learning Design Skills With Elucidat's Expert-Created Masterclass Topics

Elucidat's exclusive Masterclass HQ series features an array of topics that guide you through how to increase the effectiveness of your eLearning designs in key areas. Ready to improve your learning design skills? Learn how to:

  • Write compelling content.
  • Use polls to boost learning impact.
  • Create personalized learning journeys.
  • Use scrolling page designs effectively.
  • Really QA.

Why Sign Up To Masterclass HQ?

  1. Roam free.
    Short, practical topics designed to be used how you want, when you want, on any device you want.
  2. Learn from experts.
    Each topic is created by learning consultant who offers tips, tricks and insights based on their 10+ years experience in digital and blended learning design and production. Learn how to write compelling content, use polls to boost learning impact, create personalized learning journeys, use scrolling page designs effectively, and how to really QA.
  3. Be inspired by examples.
    Each 2-3 min topic is packed with examples and demos as guides and inspiration for your designs.
  4. Quick learning – faster production.
    Like what you see? You can have the templates… You’ll not only be able to apply what you learn from a topic to your projects, but we’ll gift you any related Elucidat templates to use in your account, for free.

What’s In Masterclass HQ?


With new topics added every month, Masterclass HQ is a great way to keep on top of trends in modern learning design.

Here’s a list of all the topics you’ll have access to:

  • How to bring storytelling into your learning.
  • Using rewards to incentivize learners.
  • Dos and don’ts for scrolling page designs.
  • How to write compelling content,
  • Top tips for mobile learning design.
  • How to design a good ending.
  • How to use Elucidat’s Layout Designer effectively.
  • Using audio to help –not hinder– learning.
  • Ways to use Elucidat’s timeline interaction (inspiration).
  • How to use animation to lift your content.
  • Using social polls to enhance your learning.
  • Writing for a global audience.
  • How to really QA your project.
  • Using Elucidat as a survey tool.
  • How to use Styles to brand your eLearning experience.
  • How and why to simplify your navigation.
  • How to add images to text fields.

Ready to improve your learning design skills? Sign up to Masterclass HQ today (it's free!)

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