6 Effective Ways To Improve Your Mobile App User Experience (UX)

Effective Ways To Improve Your Mobile App User Experience (UX)
Summary: The mobile usability is the deciding factor for the success of an app. When talking about successful mobile application, remember that User Experience plays a critical part in your strategy. The app launch is not only about designing but also about building a successful and useful experience for your end users.

How To Improve Your Mobile App User Experience

Nowadays, there are millions of apps available in the market, and there is a prediction from Goldman Sachs and population projections, United Nations that, "in 2018, 14.4% of the billion people on earth will purchase at least one mobile device." So, it is clear just by looking at the figures that mobile will overtake desktop purchases.

The obvious reason for these figures is the increase in mobile usage among people. People have started scrutinizing the User Experience (UX) of any mobile application, along with viewing products, comparing prices, reviewing, purchasing etc. So, if you want your users to spend more time on your mobile application, then you have to make it more user friendly and interesting. Hence, without UX, we may never revamp app usability.

Take a look at the points below to improve your mobile app User Experience:

1. Use Native Component In Your Mobile Application

The reason why you should choose native is that people will know how to use it. For example, when an application tells you how to navigate from one screen to another, it can be really complicated for users to figure it out. Therefore, if users already know the native UI element, it will be easy for them to follow the steps, as they will intuitively understand the application. Moreover, you can add animation, transitions or automation, since they 'look good' in native mobile apps.

2. Keep Your App Design Simple

The users of your application have certain goals in mind and if they find an obstacle in their way, they may get frustrated or spend more time than expected, losing their way in the meantime. Similarly, the unwanted features and functionalities of your mobile app will only lead them away from their goal. Thus, you should have a minimalistic design approach in order to create a simple and highly usable mobile application.

3. Improve Consistency In Your App Design

Having consistency in UI design assures users that they are using the same application. The user will be assured that they are on the right path with your logo and header design of your app UI. Similarly, the consistency in the navigation system will provide consistency in User Experience. If you use more non-conventional designs in your app, it will hamper the intuition of the app and this will lead to the user's frustration. Hence, following the conventions in design to keep consistency will build trust among the users.

4. Improve The Search Feature Ιn Your App Design

Users come to your app intending to achieve their goal, or find and buy your products and/or services. If your app has not good enough or poor navigation and useful links are hard to find, then there are chances that users bounce back to your competitor's app. You can provide an in-app search engine so as to make the search easy and quick. The easy navigation design, the advanced search and information architecture will all improve the usability of your app to a great extent.

5. Animate Your Transitions

Animated transitions are another an effective way to create a seamless flow when moving from one page to another. The user would also like to see an animated transition in-app whenever they complete an action.

Below, there are some key practices for effective animation implementation:

  • Don't have animations without a prior user action.
  • The animation should be used in a way that the user can understand how to complete an action.
  • It is OK to have one or two animations in your app, though don't overload it with animations.

6. Test Your App And  Find Ways To Improve It

The best way to test the mobile usability is to perform remote user testing. This will allow you to get feedback from remote users after they have already used your product. After this, the app development team will move on with quality assurance and get rid of any 'bugs' they may meet. Hence, user testing is a great way to see through your users' eyes and feel like they do while they are actually using your application.


You should create a  mobile experience that will make your users want to try your app and visit it again. In order for you to accomplish this, you should start implementing best practices for your mobile application. You must think of user goals while designing the mobile app. You must test your mobile application as frequently as time allows you to. If you implement these points, then your mobile app will be more engaging and useful for your users.