The 5 Best Methods Of Improving Mobile Application User Experience

The 5 Best Methods Of Improving Mobile Application User Experience
Summary: This article describes how you can improve your mobile app User Experience.

5 Ways To Improve Mobile Application User Experience

The term User Experience, or else UX, stands for "a useful and relevant experience for users". It refers to the fine balance of usability and convenience that a mobile app provides to a user. Attributes like the fun factor of using the mobile app, its performance and ability to direct the users towards helpful features and information make up the overall User Experience of the mobile app. A good UX is the one that meets the specific needs of a user in the context in which they are using the app.

With the exponential increase in the number of smartphone users, User Experience design has taken precedence in mobile app design. Both app developers and their clients are focused on delivering a rich User Experience to their customers. More often than not, companies are willing to shell out a few extra bucks to avail the services of User Interface and User Experience developers, who specialize in introducing highly immersive features like appealing color combinations and well-designed mobile app layouts.

There are many ways to improve the User Experience of an app. Each one of them is capable of influencing User Experience in profound ways. But there are some best practices that can instantly transform an app from being rich in design to being rich in terms of User Experience.

1. Focus On Learnability

The learnability of an app refers to how easily users can get to grips with the features of an app. When the app interface has a logical and sequential system of interaction, users relate well to it and are able to remember how to use it. By enabling users to identify usage patterns that are easy to remember, mobile app developers can leverage learnability to improve the overall User Experience of the mobile app.

2. Decrease Clutter

It should come as no surprise that users find an app that has crowded menu options, tabs, and buttons tedious to use. Simple layouts and dropdowns that conceal menu lists along with simple steps to achieve tasks are one of the most effective ways of improving the User Experience. Using precise and concise steps which are no longer than three steps to achieve a task, like payment, for example, helps keep User Experience simple and convenient.

3. Transition Animation

Animations and other visually appealing tidbits always catch the attention of the human eye. It also makes an app fun to use. Create a seamless flow of animation to follow the action on the app, like a long press on a menu option for example. Animations can also be used effectively to draw the attention of the user to action, leading to an overall memorable experience for the user.

4. Leverage Native Components Of The Mobile App

Smartphone and tablet users are used to the native features of the operating systems of their phone, like dropdowns, notification bar, and lock screen menus. When developers use these native components of the app to display information or alerts, users can relate to them well without needing to pass through a learning curve. The use of native components also augments the ease of use of the mobile app.

5. Gamification

It is important to ensure that in the quest to preserve the simplicity of use in an app, it does not become bland and boring to use. The introduction of game mechanics, such as leaderboard systems and award features, automatically makes an app more engaging as it stimulates the competitive spirit in the user. People tend to enjoy challenges and entertaining aspects, all of which enhance the User Experience of the mobile app.

By implementing these best practices that vastly improve the User Experience of an app, you can provide your users with a likable experience. This will make them addicted users. A goal-oriented approach to the mobile app design and development process is one of the important ways that help you decide what you need to do in order to create a rich User Experience for your target audience.

Each of the 5 best methods mentioned above will help you to improve the mobile app User Experience and User Interface for all your mobile applications.