Looking For Improvement? There’s A Motivation App For That!

Looking For Improvement? There’s A Motivation App For That!
Summary: Asking anybody if they want to get better at what they do is a no-brainer. Taking the time to work on yourself is another story. The motivation app Crucendo provides a different approach to motivating and mentoring yourself to improve and achieve.

Start Being Awesome With A Motivation App

Personal-development is a cringeworthy term. So I’ll start by replacing it entirely with the phrase being awesome. Being awesome is something we all want to work on. No one is perfect. No one knows everything. Everyone has something they can improve. It could be finding motivation to work towards that career goal, or study for that exam. You might have trouble dealing with adversity, or see areas where you can better handle your time management. It might be as simple as eating better each day, and managing your health. We can all immediately think of something that we want to get better at. We want to be awesome at it. What if there was a motivation app to help us with it?

What Is Crucendo?

Crucendo is a web application that has been designed to help you be introspective, and improve in specific areas. It is an activity that takes as little as five minutes at the end of your day. Right now it is released as a beta version, open for anyone to use. Importantly, it is free, and will continue to be free once released as a full version.

What Can I Expect When Using This Motivation App For The First Time?

Crucendo operates on the principle that you cannot be awesome without firstly being honest with yourself, and acknowledging things the way they really are. You start by picking which areas you want to focus on, your subscriptions. Your subscriptions don’t give you the answers for how to improve, but they do give you questions. Questions are arguably more valuable, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution to being awesome.

Crucendo Subscriptions Crucendo Questions

Ok... Give Me An Example

Let’s say you want to work on your health. Providing instruction to exercise for an hour each day might be fine for some, but far too much (or impractical) for others. Instead, imagine asking yourself how much exercise you currently complete and how this amount makes you feel. By answering honestly you will be encouraged down a path where you reflect on where you currently stand, and can make a decision on where you want to go.

What Else Is There?

After being knocked off balance by these questions, Crucendo prompts you with its goal and improvement system. They are called your haves and wants. You can acknowledge what you have improved since your last Crucendo, and then what you want to improve moving forward. Finally, you are encouraged to score how you were feeling that day. This is prompted to help you build a map of your progress towards being awesome.

Crucendo Haves Crucendo Wants

So There’s Reporting?

For you, yes. All questions that you answer are encrypted and not accessible by anyone but you. This is the area that the team behind Crucendo is expanding as a priority. Currently the reporting is minimal, where haves and wants can be viewed and edited, and past Crucendos can be read. The intention is to have a complete Crucendo ecosystem for you to track and manage your own path of being awesome.

Where Is This Going?

More value for those using Crucendo. The subscriptions are going to be filled with question sets from experts from their respective fields. If you want to improve your finances, imagine having a topic dedicated to finance that you can subscribe to, written by an expert in the personal finances industry.

Alright, Show Me

Crucendo is located at crucendo.com. As it is a web application, there is no need to visit the app/play store, you can simply use it right away. You can even add it to your devices home screen to use it just like an app! It has been, and still is being, improved and updated every day. You can even send suggestions and ideas by using the “contact” option on the home page.

Motivation, and maybe more importantly discipline, comes from within. Being told what to do by someone else might be great for those single moments where you feel inspired to take action, but not effective for the long-haul. If you acknowledge what you want to do or achieve, and recognize what is required to get there, you will be much more likely to follow through. Crucendo aims to make this process easier for anyone looking to be awesome.