In Honor Of International Women's Day

In Honor Of International Women's Day
Summary: On this International Women's Day, we showcase top eLearning women authors who've penned articles for eLearning Industry.

Celebrating International Women's Day At eLI

It's time again to celebrate some of the eLearning women who have shared their insider know-how and expertise with our community. So, we carry on our annual tradition by presenting 5 enlightening guest articles from L&D pioneers in honor of International Women's Day.

1. Instructional Designers Wanted: Transferrable Skills To Master

If you are looking to make the leap to Instructional Design, don’t discount these soft skills. This article highlights transferrable skills that can be learned and refined by anyone in any professional capacity. Mikaila Da Silva is an Associate Consultant who uses her knowledge and expertise of Instructional and/or Behavioral Design to create learning assets to improve performance and build the capacity of leaders and teams.

2. Can Cyber Awareness Training Protect Employees From Keylogging Software?

Keylogging software is a serious problem because all the activities of an employee can be tracked. This article explores whether cyber awareness training can really help. Neha Mehta has shared more than 40 articles with eLearning Industry to date and contributes her expertise as a niche provider of corporate eLearning solutions.

3. 8 Tips To Manage Your Time Better And Make More Time For The Things You Love

Time management is more than just a buzzword that looks nice on your resume. It can be the difference between feeling productive and like you've achieved something in your day or feeling that you're treading water and are barely staying afloat. Nicki Wylie is a Senior Instructional Designer and education enthusiast with a passion for eLearning, engagement, and innovation.

4. Are Seductive Details Damaging Your Training?

Seductive details could be negatively impacting your training outcomes. This article explains what seductive details are and how to avoid them. Claire Boucher is a content guru who's passionate about creating eLearning that's easy and beautiful.

5. Why Migrating Flash To HTML5 For Online Learning Is The Right Decision

HTML5 is the new de facto standard for creating and distributing online content. But how did that massive transformation happen for eLearning solutions? And why should you think about Flash to HTML5 conversion as well, if you haven’t already? Ella Wilson is a tech enthusiast who works at SunTec India. She writes about technologies and business services across a vast and diverse spectrum to help individual developers, designers, fellow professionals, and enterprises better understand the trends and benefits.


International Women's Day reminds us of the important part that women play in every field on a global scale. We'd like to extend a special "thank you" to all of the authors who've contributed to eLI and shared their unique perspectives. If you would like to write for eLearning Industry, please check out our "post here" page to learn more.