10 Best Sites For Tech Enthusiasts To Keep An Eye On

10 Best Sites For Tech Enthusiasts To Keep An Eye On
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Summary: This article contains a list of the 10 best sites for tech enthusiasts like Mashable, Techcrunch, Alternativoj, and many more.

Best Sites For Tech Enthusiasts: These Are The Top 10

Modern day society thrives on technology. Each day, we come across a lot of things which are related to the latest technologies and inventions. May it be a smartphone or a dehumidifier, technology plays a vital role in shaping our lives.

Being a tech enthusiast, what do you generally do on the internet? Most probably, it is reading tech blogs or keeping up with the recent facts. There are some really good sites for tech enthusiasts which you can go through for the latest news on various subjects.

1. TechCrunch

An American publisher of tech news and tech businesses and products, TechCrunch is the most popular site for tech enthusiasts. If you are a new entrepreneur in the market, this site will definitely help you in several ways. TechCrunch has updates on financial markets, and also many blogs and articles for startups. There are different categories on this site, which also gives you updates.

2. Alternativoj

This is one of the best sites which has alternatives of every tech site. Whether you want to shop online or listen to songs, Alternativoj.com contains the information about all the latest sites. If you want to play some fantastic online games, this site will help in finding the list of most popular games.

3. HowStuffWorks

Another famous commercial website on this list is HowStuffWorks. It has interesting ways to define a concept and subject. The site has diagrams, videos, and animations, which make it one of the best sites for tech enthusiasts. HowStuffWorks aims to explain the subjects like history, culture, and technology by means of audio podcasts. There are various podcasts explaining the issues of women in the society.


On the list of sites, CNET is actually in the first position. It is one of the most visited media websites in the world. It contains the podcasts, news, and articles on several topics. Started as a radio and TV broadcaster, CNET is now a leading media website showing CNET videos and blog networks. It has more than 200 million readers per month.

5. Mashable

The next on the list of sites for tech enthusiasts is Mashable. It is a media website which provides tech blogs and technology news. You can also catch the latest news on national and international issues. Mashable also provides the recent news on social media platforms such as Google, Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. RSS Daily will give all the news about the technology sector.

6. GoodClean Tech

GoodClean Tech is one of the best sites where one will find the latest news, expert advice, and tech blogs. The website has several categories such as apps, aviation, gadgets, and many more. From selecting the best smartphone to the best car available in the market, GoodClean Tech provides you with every detail to solve your query in an easy manner.

7. Lifehacker

One of the smartest sites for tech enthusiasts for all type of information, Lifehacker contains blogs on the latest software of Microsoft, Linux, and Windows operating system. It also shows you the latest apps for Android as well as iOS devices. The website has a weekly podcast by Melissa Kirsch, where you get various tips on improving your lifestyle and much more.

8. ZDNet

A website by CBS Interactive, ZDNet is another addition in the tech world. It is one of the best sites for tech enthusiasts, providing the latest news on technology business. The website gives you updates on collaborations and mergers of various companies and blogs. It also has videos on current affairs. You can also know the latest launches of smart devices in the market.

9. The Apple Blog

If you are an iOS device lover, this website is for you. The Apple Blog is the idea of an Apple user for providing the solutions to any query related to Apple products. Whether it is the features of an iOS device or reviews, you will get everything on this website. With the help of RSS, it is easy to know what is happening around the world.

10. Engadget

The last on the list is Engadget, which will give the updates of tech world each day. This website has the latest news on the technology world. You can also know the latest inventions by IT companies, as well as various new smartphones and gadgets in the market.

The list of the best sites for tech enthusiasts has all the current information. On these websites, you will get the answer to each of your queries. If you want to invest money in a new Android phone or software for Windows, it is very easy to find the answer on one of these websites. Moreover, the tech blogs, videos, animations, podcasts, and articles provide you with information that is more about the technological world. Apart from that, they also provide you with the latest news from all sectors.