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What are the most effective uses/tips to become an Instructional Designer?

Want to become an Instructional Designer, not just a good Instructional Designer, but a great Instructional Designer? Then add my 3 top tips to your Instructional Design toolbox!

  • Start with strong, concise objectives. Everything from the learning itself to evaluation starts with an excellent set of objectives. They are your guide.
  • If you are not a good writer, hone your writing skills. Most excellent Instructional Designers are also excellent writers. They know how to develop crisp, clear materials.
  • Know your audience! If you are developing eLearning scripts, use language and graphics that makes sense to the learner. I worked for a company where we hired an external vendor to develop an eLearning course, and the text read like a Shakespearean actor developed the script!
Valerie A. Sunyak

Valerie A. Sunyak

Position: Senior Learning and Development Analyst

Company: Mercer

Short Bio

Valerie is Senior Organizational Development professional with over 16 years of demonstrated ability in identifying organizational learning needs and aligning developmental and performance based solutions to corporate talent strategy. Areas of expertise include learning program/project management, talent planning, coaching and mentoring, and the design, development, and delivery of corporate training.

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