Interactive eLearning Content – Now Possible At Just $83 Per Month

Rapid Interactivity For Effective Learning!

The common pain point in online learning has always been one aspect – lack of interactivity to drive learner engagement.  This is why provision of meaningful interactive online courseware has always been a major challenge faced by most of the e-Learning providers.

So why use interactive elements in eLearning courses if it is such a daunting task? Well, interactivity results in deeper learning because learners can hypothesize to test their understanding, learn by mistakes and make sense of the unexpected.

Hence, it is always advised to wisely choose interactions by keeping in mind how and what you want to convey to your learners.

One such software that helps you with this is Raptivity, the leading interactivity building tool. Here are a few quick highlights of the software: 

  • A library of over 180 easily customizable interactions
  • Create effective interactive learning content without any programming
  • Wide range of interactions covering categories like games, simulations, presentation aids, visual aids, brain teasers and assessments
  • Interactions based on learning theories like Bloom’s Taxonomy, Gagne’s Nine Events, Keller’s ARCS Model etc.
  • Single flash file output and HTML5 publishing capability enables students to get quick and easy access to learning material anywhere and anytime

What’s more! With Raptivity recently rolling out an annual licensing option, it is the best time for you to get started with Raptivity. Raptivity annual license, as the name suggests, is a license that is valid for one year, with the option to renew at the end of the year. This pricing option would be available in addition to the perpetual licensing option. Annual licensing is an attractive option for those eLearning developers who wish to purchase Raptivity, but would rather pay annually from their recurring budget than get the perpetual license by paying full cost upfront. Customers will have the option to convert the annual license to perpetual at any point.

Raptivity’s annual license is a great way to get started with Raptivity. With the annual licensing option, customers will enjoy access to Raptivity Himalaya (the complete library of interactions), premium support and free upgrades for a year! It is a complete package for all your interactivity needs.

Benefits Of Raptivity Annual License

  • Access to huge library of 180+ pre-built customizable interactions – Users availing annual licensing option get access to all Raptivity interactions along with all new interactions which are added regularly to Raptivity Evolve.
  • Raptivity Premium Support – With the annual license, you gain access to 22x5 Raptivity premium support, enabling you to get queries addressed on priority.
  • Free Upgrades – You will be entitled to free upgrades for the complete duration of your license.
  • Raptivity Expert Hour Sessions – You can avail up to two exclusive Raptivity expert hour sessions during the first 12 months of your license duration. You will get the opportunity to discuss your specific interactivity needs with RVPs and learn how to use Raptivity to its fullest potential.
  • Conversion to Perpetual License – You have the provision to convert your annual license to a perpetual license at any time.