Interactive eLearning: A Key Component In Online Course Development

Interactive eLearning A Key Component In Online Course Development
Summary: There is no doubt that interactivity is a key component in eLearning. This is truer when you are designing a course for online learning where you have to keep in mind that attitudes and learning levels of the learners will all be different. Therefore, it becomes critical in eLearning to develop only content which is relevant and how it ties in with what the learner is expected to achieve at the end of it. The main point is that learners will be viewing the information, gather information and make decisions of applying it to their real life situations where applicable.

Interactive eLearning

There is no doubt that Interactive eLearning is a key component in Online Course Development. Interactivity plays a big role in putting all of this together. Below are a few tips to remember when developing interactive eLearning experiences.

  1. I will Take Control, Allow Learners to View What Options They Have.
    Consider the navigation bar carefully. Allow for users to refer back to information they have missed out. Allow for a references tab so that learners can refer to more information related to a topic. However, ensure that only relevant resources are made available as you do not want to provide obsolete references which no longer have relevance to the topics discussed in the course. Show the user how to navigate the course as you never know…for some learners, this may be the first time they are doing an online course.
  2. Mix It Up, Shake It Up, Serve Up a Special.
    Even if you are aware of your target audience, mix it up. Do not create 30 slides which are only text based or 30 slides with nothing but interaction. Instead, mix it up to create an element of suspense and surprise. Let your user explore a hidden cave to find clues, let them click on a question mark to see what’s behind. Let them play a quick game to reinforce some key learning points. Let learners pull the information rather than pushing them the information.
  3. Can I Make a Choice Please?
    If you have a very diverse target audience, you can create a course based on choices. At the start, the user can decide which path they will take. However, do note that you have to give very clear instructions of what to expect, so that the learner can make an informed choice. With choices, the best outcome for learners is that they will realize that scenarios have consequences depending on what they choose and they can relate back to their real live examples.

The options for interactivity are limited only by imagination. Games, role-playing and so much more can be added to eLearning. The trick is having just the right mix to engage the learner.