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How Can Interactive Video Elevate Your eLearning Strategy?

Elevate Your eLearning With Interactive Video
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Summary: Videos are continuing to prove that they improve learning, but why are interactive videos more beneficial to your eLearning strategy?

Elevate Your eLearning With Interactive Video

“Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it [1].”

Research consistently shows that video improves engagement and retention. It’s clear to see why people choose to use it for training, marketing and content generation.

The Benefits Of Video

Videos can be designed and developed to support business aims across various sectors. A benefit of using videos is that they can be paused and started as you please. For videos used in training, this is a bonus; your training becomes on-demand and gives more flexibility.

Videos, also, make training more cost-effective. Without the need for a trainer and any travel costs for a single session, videos cut out a lot of training expenditure. If blended learning is preferred, videos can still be used to deliver small chunks of training to support classroom learning. Again, this would be a more inexpensive route.

Today, there are many ways to make videos interactive to engage your learners further. Interactive videos provide a more engaging experience, allowing learners to be a real part of their learning. It provides learners with a more immersive and rewarding experience.

We know that many sectors and businesses already see the benefits of video, but how can interactive video elevate eLearning strategies?

Take Your Learners On A Journey

Storytelling can inspire learners by taking them on a journey through realistic scenarios. Authentic content makes learning more relevant and engaging. It helps learners to relate to situations they may encounter, allowing a better understanding of desired behaviours and challenges they may come across.

Storytelling, also allows learners to experience different characters to understand behaviours from all aspects. Knowing how your actions affect others, promotes good practice and greater empathy.

Connect With Your Learners

To engage with your learners further, the use of role-playing can enhance their connection to the topic, allowing learners to play different characters. Role-play has a big impact on learners, as it makes them an integral part of the story.

Being placed directly into the story provides a better learner experience and journey. Role-play allows learners to connect emotionally with their character. Not only does this engage learners more, but it creates long-lasting impressions, making behaviours easier to remember.

Dr. T.P. Chia says, “Emotion is more powerful than reason. Emotion is the driving force behind thinking and reasoning. Emotional intelligence increases the mind's ability to make positive, brilliant decisions.”

Challenge Your Learners

Storytelling and role-play together can be enhanced through elements, such as branching scenarios, hotspots, and quizzes, allowing the learner to interact through their journey. Just like storytelling and role-play, these small interactions should push engagement levels.

Branching scenarios allow stories to unfold dependent on learner choices. They see how their choices affect the situation and other characters. Learners can be given realistic choices with real-time decisions to make interactions as close as possible to real experiences.

Analyse Their Progression

Decisions from branching scenarios and quizzes can all be tracked and logged onto an LMS. Data from these interactions can highlight key areas that worked well and areas that need improvement.

Data-driven practice can also improve User Experience with immersive methods of learning, such as gamification. Data can drive engagement and motivation through leaderboards and badges. And, although it offers challenges for implementation, VR and AR also offer the potential for added layers of immersion.

Offer Immersive Experiences

Near-Life™ technology uses gamification to offer a more memorable way of learning. Using real-time decisions through realistic, immersive role-play scenarios, learners are challenged throughout their learning. Near-life™ also provides the opportunity to receive personalised feedback and data to analyse behavioural insights.

Uptale offers an authoring and publishing tool for an interactive 360-degree experience for trainers, teachers, and learners. You can create, share and track your own immersive experiences. Additionally, their platform allows you to gather statistics and scores.

Make Your Learning Accessible

Additionally, interactive videos work well to provide small, accessible chunks of learning. Microlearning addresses the needs of today’s learners. It aims to deliver training through short, engaging videos, which are accessible through multiple devices.

Delivering learning in this way also allows for repeat attempts. With traditional classroom learning, you may not be able to repeat lessons, as it requires another day of training along with its associated costs. eLearning, through interactive video, gives learners the opportunity to retry lessons and quizzes, allowing safe failure.

Providing this accessibility isn’t just cost-effective, but boosts knowledge retention and confidence in learning outcomes.

Is Interactive Video The Way Forward?

With tight budgets and demands within Learning and Development, learning needs to be cost-effective, but remain inspiring. eLearning through interactive video drives learning, whilst being accessible, flexible, and engaging.

Interactive videos are an effective way to keep learning fresh, relevant and engaging. It’s definitely a useful tool that all professionals should consider utilising.


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