5 Reasons To Invest In Custom eLearning
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Why You Should Invest In Custom eLearning

Each organization is different. Each one has its own set of values, thought processes and beliefs. These factors impact the way each organization functions and conducts its business. They influence the company's image and the perception among its clients, customers, and competition. The services or products of different companies differ, hence the way they function will also vary greatly. Even companies that offer similar products will differ in their ways of conducting business due to top management philosophies, investor objectives, and public perception. So, if organizations are different from each other, how can their training programs be similar? This is where the need for custom eLearning programs arises.

A generic, one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf course might work for an organization when it comes to imparting low impact topics, such as how to use Excel and best practices to protect passwords and information security. But when it comes to giving training about core business practices, or organization-specific software applications, you should consider building a course from the ground up that is customized as per your needs.

Developing custom eLearning courses removes any ambiguity from your content. This automatically results in a more focused and streamlined learning methodology that has a direct impact on the work life of your employees. Here are some of the top reasons to invest the additional time and money in custom learning courses:

Better Branding

Every aspect of a custom eLearning course can be fine-tuned to better suit your organization’s brand image. Be it fonts, color schemes, logo placements, style guide, or language tonality, everything can be adjusted to make the course the intellectual property of your organization.

When employees see the amount of care you have taken while crafting learning resources, they automatically dial up their seriousness. Custom branding also works wonders with your offshore employees, as it conveys a message that training programs are given topmost priority in your organization.

Resonance With Your Employees

The content of a custom eLearning course will be developed keeping in mind your target demographic. This includes analyzing whether the course is going to be undertaken by new hires, industry veterans, technical novices, or experts. Even the age group, time available for learning, and language proficiency of employees can be taken into account.

Only after thoroughly analyzing the target audience, does custom eLearning course development begins. This makes your learners wholesomely comfortable with the content, which in turn leads to a better quality of learning.

Tailor-Made Learning Objectives

Every custom eLearning course clearly defines the key takeaways for your employees. With off-the-shelf courses, you don’t have much control over the objectives. But with a custom course, you can define what exactly your learners will gain from the course—the learning objectives.

If a topic requires more exploration, you can easily create extensive objectives for the same. Or remove unnecessary segments on a topic that just needs to be brushed off. This makes your digital training program very meaningful as learners don’t need to waste time on futile content.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

When you develop a course from the ground up, you know its architecture in and out. You are in control of all the source files, technical configuration, tools used, and any other parameters that go into creating an eLearning course. This makes maintaining the course, in the long run, an easy task. You can directly make changes in the source file and upload it on your LMS for it to reflect on your entire audience.

Longer Shelf Life

A custom eLearning course is developed keeping in mind your organization’s business practices and latest industry trends. Along with this, you can even robustly update your courses in order to adjust to the new developments in the market.

All these factors ensure that your e-course retains meaningful learning content for a longer period of time. If in the near future, your company decides to expand to other countries, you can easily create multilingual versions of the same course, without losing any learning impact.

Developing a custom eLearning course would pinch you a little in terms of money and time. But in the long run, it definitely pays off as you can reuse the courses for different learner groups. Go for custom courses now and reap the benefits!

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