5 Rewards Of Investing In Custom eLearning Development

5 Rewards Of Investing In Custom eLearning Development
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Summary: In order to promote a learning culture, the training provided to employees needs to be relevant and aligned with organizational goals. An investment in custom eLearning development can be rewarding, and this article tells you how.

Investing In Custom eLearning Development Can Be Rewarding

Every day brings a new learning experience, and that’s probably one of the main reasons successful organizations like to promote a continuous learning culture. Investing in custom eLearning development is not only the coolest but also the most sensible strategy to include in the training strategy of your organization. Such an investment can be rewarding  since it:

1. Saves On Training Dollars

Working within the confines of a training budget is an experience that most training managers can relate to. Planning for training within a training budget that’s dwindling can be a nightmare. Can custom eLearning actually save on training budgets? Haven’t we all heard that a bespoke course is expensive?

The pricing model for developing a custom eLearning course is very different from that of an off-the-shelf course. Off-the-shelf courses come with subscription or license costs that are avoided when you opt for custom eLearning solutions.

Here’s a hypothetical example to help you understand how a custom eLearning solution proves to be more beneficial in the long run. Let’s say the cost per user, per month for an off-the-shelf online course is $50.

1 Month 1 Year 2 Years
Cost per user $50 $600 $1200
Cost per 100 employees $5000 $60,000 $120,000

In the above example, you can notice how an off-the-shelf training course keeps adding to the training cost. Instead of spending $120,000 on an off-the-shelf course, isn’t it better to spend $50,000 as a one-time investment on a custom eLearning solution and get complete ownership of the course?

2. Builds Relevance

One challenge that training managers across organizations face is getting learners to complete the training programs assigned to them. Remember that adult learners are interested in building knowledge and skills that are applicable to their day-to-day activities. Digital learning works well for learners skipping classroom training programs. Custom eLearning development focuses on delivering training solutions that employees can relate to.

When the training program concentrates on the skills and challenges encountered in the workplace, learners are able to apply the learning, thereby improving productivity. Simulations and scenarios are a few examples of instructional strategies used in eLearning courses to make the online training program relevant to learners.

3. Offers Tailored Solutions

Custom eLearning solutions are required to equip learners with the skills necessary for performance improvement. When you are trying to train your employees on processes or applications that are unique to your industry, it requires a tailored approach which is provided by custom eLearning development. Custom eLearning is learner-centric as learners look forward to going through an online training program that’s personalized to their professional needs.

We designed a custom eLearning solution that was gamified for online product training. The client, a global furniture manufacturing company, had products classified region-wise: Americas, APAC, and EMEA. Building a gamified course using Articulate Storyline helped learners recognize products and also motivated them to take the course. We were also successful in developing product training that was personalized for different regions, and that too within a short time.

4. Allows Content Modification

There are times when you will need to make changes to the content of the eLearning course. For example, if the ERP software used in your organization has a new version with additional functionalities, then employees will need to be trained on the new version of the software. When you opt for custom eLearning development, you have ownership of the source files. This means you can make changes to the course if you are proficient in the usage of the relevant authoring tool.

Let’s say you have a custom eLearning solution to onboard the millennial new hires. It would be nice to include a personal video message from the CEO to welcome them. If you have not included the video in the first cut of the custom eLearning course, no worries. You can always include it in the next release when the training is rolled out to the next batch of new hires. Custom eLearning development offers the provision to modify your online training programs as required.

If you are considering the conversion of Instructor-Led Training to eLearning, then you will need to be creative in your approach. Creative strategies used in custom eLearning course development can make learning successful.

5. Delivers Engaging Learning Experiences

Engaging learners in online training programs can deliver meaningful learning experiences. Be it engaging learners with gamification or interactivities, custom eLearning courses can deliver a rewarding experience that motivates learners to participate in the eLearning course.

With an increasing number of organizations going global, there is a need to train a diverse audience. No one knows your global audience better than you. Training that is delivered in the native languages of learners has more impact. Localization of an eLearning course is equally important as it ensures that the course is culturally sensitive. Translation and localization of courses are in demand, and this is possible through custom eLearning development.

Opting for custom eLearning development has many more such rewards in store for you. When you are looking at eLearning that’s targeted and personalized to meet learners’ requirements and the learning needs of the organization, custom eLearning development is your best bet.