7 iOS Language Learning Apps: A Review

7 iOS Language Learning Apps: A Review
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Summary: Looking for the best language learning apps for iPhone or iPad? Take a look at the iOS language learning apps review to go with the right app.

A Review Of 7 Popular iOS Language Learning Apps

The mobile app development is on the cusp of blurring the line between physical and virtual worlds to democratize the education, thereby making it easily accessible to the end-users cutting the disparities linked with culture, age, language, and so on. With the iPhone and iPad enjoying prime positions in the market, more and more eLearning service providers and eLearning app development companies are foraying into the education and learning sector to make the most of the opportunities. If you have been attempting to find out the best eLearning apps compatible with iOS, check this iOS learning app review.

1. Duolingo (23 Languages)

The app with over 100 million users worldwide is created to help users learn foreign languages in a fun and entertaining way. The developer, Duolingo, has made it available on Apple App Store for learners who are interested in learning languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Hebrew, Esperanto, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Welsh, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Swahili, and English.

2. HelloTalk (150 Languages)

The app focuses more on enabling users to develop the verbal communication skills. It’s available in 150 languages including English, Spanish, French, and Chinese. It facilitates a WhatsApp-like instant messaging app that helps users to connect with native speakers over chat or voice. Users have the authority to edit the errors in the conversation with user-friendly tools. It provides a translation feature as well. Users can translate any sentence and check the relevance of the message in their native language.

3. Arabic Quick (Single Language)

With this app users can take on the challenge of learning one of the most difficult languages of the world, i.e., Arabic. Being written and read from right to left, it becomes explicitly hard for learners who have learned left to right languages like English or Hindi since their birth. The developer, Root Info Solutions, has coded it with Swift, the latest programming language. The simplicity of the User Interface, engaging User Experience, and performance that makes learning easier and faster are the factors that have propelled it to the list.

4. Mindsnacks (Single Language)

Mindsnacks take eLearning experience to a new level. You can learn to read, write, and speak Japanese. Whether it’s learning vocabulary or grammar or acquiring writing and speaking skills, users can do it while playing games. The entire course is based on eight games. Its developers deserve a standing applause for making learning so intuitive and entertaining.

5.   Busuu (12 Languages)

You can take grammar exercises and quizzes and get official certificates from reputed educational or publishing firms like McGraw-Hill based on your progress. We must appreciate its iOS developers for offering the offline mode in the app. Thus, learners can make use of the app without being connected to the internet. However, the best part of the app is that users can converse with a community of 70 million native people.

6. Rosetta Stone (24 Languages)

This is a well-established language learning company. The app is equipped with speech recognition technology, and learners can grab all 3 skills, viz., reading, writing, and speaking. Flashcard-based curriculum guides you through the course and makes the learning smooth. The accent coaching program helps you speak correctly. The app allows online and offline learning and syncs across platforms and devices, which means you can stay tuned to the course even when not connected to the internet and can resume it from any point without getting disconnected. Initially, the app is free, but it offers in-app purchases to encourage users to acquire more skills.

7. Babbel (14 Languages)

Created by Lesson Nine GmbH the app enables beginners to get the basic reading and writing skills and more advanced learner to sharpen their communication and writing skills with interesting. Learners are assigned with tasks that are regularly reviewed by a robust Review Manager feature. The app has got speech recognition technology to keep your pronunciation on point. The app is initially available for free but ambitious users can take no the paid version to get better acquainted with the language.